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    How much did Jango know.

    Did Jango really know who Syfo Dyas was. Did Jango really know who Count Dooku was, or was he always "Tyranus" to him. Was he at all aware of everyting happening or was he just a mercenary in the mix.
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    syfo dias is mentioned briefly in the movie, and no mention that jango knows him/her. jango does seem to know of dooku's twin identities. he refers to him as tyranus when talking with obi and is present when mace greets tyranus as dooku. in the EU books dealing with young boba fett, a great deal is made about boba knowing this as well - dooku tries to have him because of this knowledge.

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    This really doesn't make sense in that Tyranus recruited Jango to make a clone army from. Yet Tyranus has no idea where the clone army comes from that defeats him.
    He also relies entirely on recruiting more battle droid armies from the separatists, and never once checks on his clone army from the time he recruited Jango.
    So what is going on here?

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    I think it is difficult to say how much Jango actually knew. He definitely knew he was recruited by Tyrannus. He hangs out with Dooku on Geonosis. Now, when Mace calls him Dooku, is that the first time Jango had heard that particular name? Did someone use the name Tyrannus when recruiting Jango, and he thinks Dooku & Tyrannus are two different people? Was Dooku putting on an act when he was "surprised" about the clone army? If he was truly surprised, how could he have recruited Jango as the clone host? Many. . . many questions, but no clear answers. Just a lot of speculation. I do think Palpatine/Sidious is playing a LOT of these characters for fools, and I wouldn't be surprised if none of them knows what the heck is going on. . . Jango or Dooku.
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    From Jango's point of view it probably would be like this.

    He's hired by some guy named Tyrannus. It's good money, I'm going to be clonned and get a son out of it. After awhile he learns that something is up. 20 Jedi leave the order, a new Supreme Chancellor, and I'm being part of some Clone army for the Republic. I'm sure he knew something was going on. Still he's getting paid well, and noone contracted to him is crossing him. He lies low training his boy, and making money, but noone is inspecting this army. You would think that with 10,000 units made, and another 10,000 on the way their would be brass of some sort inspecting things. Finally Tyranus calls Jango up saying, hey I got a job for you. It's big money to kill some barbie senator. Jango is thinking, well I'm rich, but I'm getting stagnant. I'm sure Jango was researching his target to make his decission, and discovered that Amidalla was the lead opposition against a clone army. Now that sounds like trouble! Jango knows that if he refuses Tyranus over the job he may be in danger, because he is in a possission to betray Tyranus, so he takes the job for that main reason.

    So he hires someone to do the job for him. Jango shadows the assassin to lie low. On the first failed attempt Jango feels the pinch to hurry up and kill her. Obviously this needs to be resolved before a full blown investigation occurs leading to Kamino. The assassin fails, and he destroys the assassin to cover his tracks. So he quickly returns to Kamino confident that noone knows where he is. But whats this? A jedi shows up. Jango stays cool under questions, but is worried not only for himself but his son. Man I should have stayed in retirement, but what's done is done. Pack your things boy we're going to go see Tyranus. Jango would have to know where Tyranus was because he would be required to contact Tyranus about the status of his bounty, and after all Tyranus would not have called Jango with such a dangerous assignment unless he proved himself quiet and trustworthy.

    On the way to Geonosis Jango was probably putting the pieces together. Okay I am the seed of an army of clones that are allready made, but the senate is voting on the creation of clones now. The man who hired me contracted me to kill the leading opposition of the anti-clone debate. This Tyranus guy is deffinately involved in this clone army, but where?

    So he lands after thinking he's away from Obi-Wan, meets up with Tyranus who assures Jango to just stick with him and everything will be fine. Jango plays cool, thinking either Tyranus may try to kill him (he knows allot), or Tyranus will need his help with something. Obviously he can't trust Tyranus, but he has to bide his time to escape. Jango witnesses quickly that many high-rolling big shots are hanging around Tyranus. There's the Banking Clan, the Techno-union army, and senators. He also notices the Nemodians. Now here's a twist I don't get. One of two scenarios happened. 1st scenario: If the Nemodians contacted Jango to kill Padme, than Jango would know that he was involved with a simple contract care of Tyranus. At the worst Tyranus was using Nemodians to hire the opposition so that they would do his dirty work. So Jango will just hang around, and see if what Tyranus is up too. 2nd scenario: I think this is the way it was. If Tyranus contacted Jango to kill Padme it's obvious to Jango that Tyranus is building two armies, and is using Jango to gain alliances by making him do his dirty work. If this is the case then Jango immediately would loose trust in Tyranus, because now the Nemodians know of his existance and could link him to both sides of the armies, and further linking Jango into whatever all the aliens and Tyranus is doing. After arriving on Geonisis and seeing what was going on (based on the second scenario) than Jango would know that Tyranus means big trouble. He's knows about one army (clones), and he also knows about the army that he is compiling consisting of many alien races (which he is now also linked to). He's either thinking: This guy is making a monster army to destroy the republic, or why would a man making a clone army try to kill the opposition to that Clone army unless he was turning her into a martyr? If she did become a martyr than the republic would find out about Tyranus and JANGO. Whatever conclusion he comes to he knows he's in allot of trouble after landing. So he's probably waiting for his moment to escape. While waiting for that moment he acts like a trusted aide to Tyranus. But when the battle starts he figures his back is against the wall. His son and him are going to be captured, and Jango (like all bounty types) would probably die than surrender, so he enters the fray, and Mace is the last thing he sees.

    I doubt Jango knew of any Palpatine connection. Palpatine would never contact someone he's using. We would all agree that Palpatine always uses someone outside his circle to do his dirty work so they could not link him with the situation. Also the Kaminoans would not have been linked with Tyranus (unless he played to be Sifo-Dyas {I think it was Palpy}) because the Kaminoans were expecting a JEDI REPRESENTING THE REPUBLIC. They gladly greeted Obi-Wan and gave them freely to Yoda. There was no struggle there. They were too busy making an army to care.

    Another Note: Although I believe the above theory there is a possibility that Dooku thinks that he is doing good for the Republic. He's planning on using Palpy to start a war, then get rid of the archaic, politically driven jedi, and then will kill Palpy to gain a foothold on the Republic with his clone army. If this was the case then he would need a right hand man. This person would be Jango. Someone cold, calculated, and well-centered. In which case Jango would know everything.

    One last note: It is possible that Jango would know everything if Dooku was gracious enough (unlikely) to trust Jango with all of the information. That way if Palpy ever tried to betray Dooku, Jango would be Dooku's insurance. I seriously doubt this, but we'll find out in the next film.
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    Great theories, but how do you factor in the only dialogue b/w Dooku and Palpatine, where they both agree that everything is going acc'g to plan?

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    Well obviously Dooku knows what Palpy is up to and is using Palpy for his own benefit. I honestly think that Dooku is trying to help the republic in some way. In his own mind he thinks that the Republic is now obsolete, and the jedi are nothing more than puppets to a corrupt system. Dooku did leave the Jedi order after Qui-gons death, and Qui-Gonn did die because of politics. It's my theory that Dooku is simply trying to expose the corruption to the masses by playing both sides (as palpy would) so he can come out looking like a good guy even though he's not. He's assisting in the creation of both armies and he KNEW where the clone army's came from when they were attacking Geonosis even though he played dumb. Dooku's just counting the minutes for the moment wher he can exploit Palpy to the masses or the council.
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