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    "communications disruption" - SSG style!

    yeah, so since i don't have $20 to spend on star wars info i don't really need anyway, i can't do the whole caption contest thing, so i decided to start it HERE, only ANYONE can do it!!!

    here's this weeks'
    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
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    "after the outrage caused among some fans by the extensive use of CGI, lucas decided to go back to his roots with puppetry, and realized it really DID look like crap!"


    "with dwindling action figure sales, the budget for the 'super nifty editions' of the original trilogy wasn't nearly what G.Lu had in mind..."
    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
    - Dan Akroyd, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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    Are you sure you have to be a member of the hyperspace to enter the caption contest? I mean if you don't than how did you get the picture? I'm not a member, but I posted my caption successfully. I like this idea, but we might want to use our own photo's instead of lifting them from another site.
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    "Fans had a feeling they'd seen this supposedly new Cinema Scene playset before somewhere."
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    Luke-"Please don't eat me!!"
    Wampa-"Relax, I have good news."
    Luke-"Oh thank God, I did not want to die."
    Wampa-"Um no I am still eating you. I just saved 15% on my car insurance by switching to Geico."
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    "Luke Skywalker and his tauntaun learned the hard way that one should never make fun of the Wampa for having a Star Trek insignia shaped mouth."

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    "Little did Luke know that he was about to be basted in the big, bold taste of Bullseye™ BBQ sauce"
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    After years of searching,Wampa found someone who didnt make fun of that funky Jack-O-Latern expression that had plagued him for years
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    John Ratzenberger's second (deleted) ESB scene: [Wampa: "Hey Mike and Sully, you up for another snow cone?" Luke: "Wha?"]
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    "Stella! One of those damn kids jumped in front of my tauntaun again!!!" (little BTTF ref for ya's )

    "Aw but maaaa, I don't wanna pick up my toys!"

    "Tell the milkman: no more tauntauns."

    "... and I will name him 'George', and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and..."
    "Put me down. I'm not a bunny rabbit. You're hurting me."
    "Not a bunny rabbit George?"
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