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Thread: Dagobah Playset

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    Heh, that rotted off my old Dagobah set I had years ago too.

    I was working a warehousing job back then and found some green packing foam that worked perfect. I just tore it into shape and stuck it in there, lasted for years!

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    Dagobah Playset

    My foan that was once the swamp has turned into an oily mess. Anyone else encounter the same thing?

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    An oily mess? I can't say I've heard that one before. Can you describe it bit more or better yet post a picture? Most of the time I hear about foam that is crumbly and turning to dust. Also where do you live (general part of the world is fine)? Humidity and temperature play a roll in how stuff lasts.
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    I don't remember an oily mess, but I do remember that my foam became quite tacky, and pretty much disintegrated on the touch. I removed it all, and cleaned it off with goo gone. I assumed it was a combination of its old age, and heat, but I am not 100% sure. I replaced it with a similar colored peice of foam I received with something (can't remember what it was.) cut it to size, made the two slits, two holes for the posts, and put it back in place. It was pretty easy to replace, the tough part was finding the foam in that color. Now, I just hope that the new foam doesn't disitegrate.
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    It was discussed in this thread.
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    I checked mine out and removed it a little while back. I still haven't replaced the "swamp" but will probably just use the foam used for aircon stripping or even soundproofing.
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    How about this one....

    Coat the plastic swap with a rubber coating, put in some dryice in the swamp for a real bad *** effect.....screw the foam...


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