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    Sorry, but I've been without a computer for the last week. I have nothing much new to report, I've mostly been picking up clearance things that have been out for awhile. Haven't seen anything new on my random stops.
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    New 12" (Jawas, Obi, etc.) spotted at TRU in Schaumburg at lunch. Two of each on the shelves.

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    Just in response to your question earlier, I think most of the people who used to post here are now at I check here rarely now. I don't quite know why there was the mass exodus. Rebelscum does seem to have news sooner but I thought this site was doing alright.

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    I have to agree completely with INDIANA. I've also found that I get more of the latest info from Rebelscum. I'll still stick with SSG but the posters at Rebelscum seem to be willing to share their finds a little more willingly.

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    BTW I did find Holographic Luke and J'Quille at the Walmart on 68th and Cicero in Chicago today. That's all they had left of the Jabba wave with the exception of Jabba Luke Jedi which I left on the hook.

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    I am not thrilled with RS because they have a tendency to post more rumors that facts.

    I personnally feel that GH is more actually with rumors being true.

    I use the most recent example of lack of fact checking (the AT-TE & Dropship) posted on their main page with three possible options listed below it. Let's just post it and put some opinions under it and open it up to the entire internet fanbase.

    Hasbro should know by this point it is a fanboy/collectors wet dream (mine too) but the bottom line is that Hasbro wants to make a decent profit and not have stuff littering the shelves (in non movie years).

    I feel that the likelyhood of some of their forumites to behave in the same manner is not worth it to me.

    As for store reporting Milwaukee 27th street Target had the Boba Fett POC, Luke TRD and one other I don't remember.

    TRU 27th street nothing new
    POTJ Ketwol, Zutton, Bespin Guard, Saga Scenes,Geo Fighter, Jedi Warrior 4 pack and Clone Wars wave 1 Yoda & Anakin, Saga Red Battle droid, 3 original Saga Yodas.

    BAD TRU Distribution yet again

    Walmart 27th Street 12" Obi Wan, Garidan, CW Yoda & Anakin.

    I still am noticing a trend of damaged packaging from the HW collectors, smashed bubbles, creased cards and such.

    And I think I am on the only one reporting for SE Wis since either the HW scalpers take them or worse yet other SW fans do not post here. (which is sad)
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    I had a huge score today at Wal-Mart in Round Lake Beach. I found all of the Jabba Wave

    Gold Leader
    TIE Pilot
    Skiff Lando
    Captain Antillies
    General Dodonna

    It was a great case, I got one of each and left a Lando, Dodonna, Antillies.
    The WM in Gurnee had a Skiff Lando, and a Sail Barge R2. Target in Gurnee is a waste of time as they are remodeling and nothing seems to get put out.
    If you want to find it you have to shop.

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    Sweet score there icatch9! I'm scraping up extra money for my next case of figures!
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    Picked up last Jabba & Denizen's ultra sets at Walmart on Rand around lunchtime today. Two Wampas are on the pegs there.

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    Dang, I was just over that way, making my way back from the TRU on Golf rd., I was trying to find Rand, and ended up on Arlington Heights rd. Eventually I made it over to Rte 83, and figured I had no idea which way to go to get to Rand. Come to think of it, I probably should have turned right instead of left.
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