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    Thumbs down Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake

    I'll say this now....Tobe Hooper's Chainsaw is a better movie. This Remake is better than Chainsaw 3, but that's not saying much. This film had the gore, it had the jumps, it had the . . . well it had Harry Knowles' head on a plate, always a plus. That's about all this film had. The plot of the film, it was stale. I know, I know it was a remake, but still, I'm tired of seeing the whole whacko family that practices murder on broken down strangers as a past time.

    "Let's pick up a strange person. Let's meet up with the yokels of the town to show how stranded these people really are. Let's try to start the car and it won't. Let's ignore some pretty obvious signs that these people aren't quite right. Let's get the car started, but then mess something else up on the car so we're still stuck."

    Maybe it's because House of 1000 Corpses is still fresh in my mind. This remake was unnecessary. I thought maybe it was going to be good after all the reviews I read about it from different horror sites. I enjoyed seeing Leatherface without his mask on, and I enjoyed the end credits because the movie was finally over. I know, everyone else here that's big on horror is going to knock me, but that's how I honestly felt about this film.
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    This looked completely inispid from the outset. Why remake a classic film like this? Part of the charm was it's low-budget look. They needed to remake this like they need to remake "The Exorcist" or "The Omen" or even "Halloween". Stupid people...
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    i actually liked this movie. It was very dark and errie and the cinematography was great. I'll definately buy a copy of this along with the special edition release of the original.
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    i liked it better than kill bill.

    ......and jessica biel is gunning for that number three spot in my heart, behind natalie and winona, of course.
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    Ok, first off, everyone is entitled to their opinon, I just want to get that out of the way as I truly believe this and I am not attacking anyone here...I am going to be general.

    This movie is in some ways, superior to the original. Overall, the acting is excellent, and while the movie has today's love of choppy editing, overall, it kicked ***. If you are a person that sees horror films to just bash them because they "SUCK", avoid this movie.

    If you liked the original or plain have never seen this....SEE IT.

    I'd give it a solid B+

    Ebert L-O-V-E-D it....

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    I'm walking uptown to see it in a few minutes. I'll post my review when i get home. I'm quite anxious!! I'll be looking for fellow people to boo and hiss the DOTD trailer... Granted, I have some hope for it, but still, it'll be fun to meet fellow geeks.
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    When I saw this today (Pasdena @ the Pacific Hustings Ranch for locals) I got the ROTK and MAtrix Revolutions trailers together....NICE.

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    Alright, i'm back from my viewing of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and i'll start off with saying the show was nearly sold out......good crowd...very jumpy and a few girls were yelling during the flick.....great attractions..."Return of the King", "Matrix: revolutions" followed by "Dawn of the Dead" (i'm slowly warming up to this flick, but the geek in me is fighting it!)....the lights dimmed and the flick started...i must say that yes, and i'll be banned forever from fellow geek dwellings and nerd caves, but i liked this one much better than the original. Yes, yes, i'll say it again!! This is better than the original, at least in my opinion. Its' been a while since i've watched the original, as i didn't think that highly of it in the first place...if anything, i think i just enjoyed the respect it was given by the horror community. Anyway, before i get beat by somebody, lemme just state what i liked about this flick more than the original and i'll try to stay as spoiler free as possible.

    1. Characters- The original had characters that frankly, i was somewhat happy when they got taken out. This one, i actually enjoyed getting to know the characters and was rooting for them to get the hell out of there. I actually sympathized with them too. The first one was just a bunch of aimless teens who i didn't give a rats butt about. When they got axed, i was just like "Ah, finally!!"

    2. Leatherface- He seemed much more brutal in this one, but i could be mistaken, as it's been a while. I enjoyed him toying with the victims and one scene in particular when one character had to "face" him (those who saw it, know what i speak of) and the reaction of the character was just awesome. It was also kind of cool to get a chance to see Leatherface under the mask too. "That sweet sweet boy!"

    3. Style/score/atmosphere- This was one of the things i loved most about the film. I love how the film gradually changes from a light care-free flick and then gradually, the tone changes from bad to worse to completely screwed. I felt it was wonderfully shot and skillfully done. The score was also used very well here. I think i jumped a few times as well, as the score had a good impact with some "scary scenes." I also felt the film was very atmospheric. Interior shots of the house, furnace room and whatnot were very well done. It all looked so dreary and hopeless.

    4. Them crazy townies!!- The supporting cast was just great!! I mean, any movie that casts Lee Emery and effectively uses him gets bonus points in my book. I also loved how all the characters were each nice n' twisted in their own way; granted, we didn't get too in depth with a majority of them as say in "House of 1000 Corpses", but just having them there and be so indifferent to what was going on was just great.

    Overall: it was a very satisfying experience. I'm sure "horror purists" are going to have a field day with this flick and whatnot, but meh, couldn't care less really. This flick was relatively funny (before the crap hits the fan!), intense, twisted and fun. Plus, Jessica Biel is a goddess. She's definately up there on my "Hottie list" but i can't place her just yet. Anyway, check this flick out; you won't regret it! Cheers!!
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    I would love some movie spoliers please..... :happy: :happy:
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    I might try to see this tomorrow so I'll voice my pre-viewing criticisms right now:

    a) that new Leatherface mask is an absolute joke. It looks like they're trying to give him an "evil" look when that's not the point behind the character. He's not an evil bloodthirsty killer, he's a mentally deficient laid off slaughterhouse worker. Jeez, he's just trying to do his job.

    b) Leatherface being "more brutal" is a great concern to me. See above for my reasons why. That's just it, he himself is not supposed to be a scary guy . . . it's the warped world in which his mind lives that makes him so creepy. Know what I mean?
    Regardless, maybe I'm misinterpreting Guyote's description.

    c) I don't like the fact that they used John Larroquette's narration from the first film in the trailers for this remake. Do they use it in the film?

    Despite my reservations, I really do hope to like this movie. We'll see.


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