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    Question One year later.......did everyone find Ephant Mon?

    It's been approximately one years since Ephant Mon was released and I remember hearing about all the trouble people were having finding him a few months back. So was everyone able to find him in stores?

    I remember seeing two at Wal-Mart last Christmas Eve and one at K-Mart back in November of last year and that's it. No sign of him ever since. Meanwhile, Pilot Padme, Watto, Lott Dodd and Pilot Jango are STILL clogging pegs here.
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    I never saw him in stores so I bought him online.

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    Nope, i have yet to get one nor have i ever seen one in person, not even at the local collector shop. Im sure he hit Omaha at least once but unfortunately i wasnt at the right place when it happened. But despite all that im confident that i will get him one day at a decent price.
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    I ordered mine from KEBco but he was cancelled due to the distribution of Hasbleh. I ended up popping open a case at wal-mart last december and finding two of him. I saw one about in March, but never again.
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    I never saw him in stores, I ordered him the first and appearently only time KBtoys got him in stock. I know there are still several people out there who never got him at all, Hasbro earlier this year said they were gonna rerelease him this year too. [Sarcasm]Nice job Hasbro![/Sarcasm]
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    I think the reason you guys never saw him at retail is because they accidentally sent every single one they produced to a lowly toyshop in the arse-end of Dublin, Ireland. They warmed the pegs for a while or rather the bottom shelf since the figure was too heavy for pegs. I got two. But they're all gone now. In fact by the looks of it that particular toy shop is giving up on star wars altogether, they were selling everything off at suspiciously low prices (a shame since it was one of only two reliable stores accessible to me and which didn't rip me off-not mentioning any names..actually I will-forbidden planet thank you very much).

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    I was just at the local KB Toys and they had plenty on the clearance rack with tons of other figures.
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    I never saw one in stores. I got mine from Jams Toys
    I cant believe people find them in KB clearance star wars. I would love to find one. just to keep. I think its a great figure. I opened mine and was very impressed. but have never seen one in stores
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    I have never see any in the Fayetteville area which have to walmarts, tru, kb toys. target and k mart. Finally end up buying my off of ebay.

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    I've never seen one in any type of store as I live in Canuckville, so I bought both of mine off of E-bay. Cost me $29.00 for both, a price I can live with.


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