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    General Grevious, true or false???

    so, does everyone think the spy reports of "general grevious" are true or false?

    for those who don't know, Grevious is supposed to be commander of the clone army, a cyborg/human who uses a lightsaber.

    i'm leaning towards him being real, as just about everything we knew about episode 2 at this point a few years ago proved to be true.

    what do you guys think?


    yea, commander of the droid army. thanks jar jar.
    .........and i've read it's obi-wan who kils him, i think.
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    I'm sort of torn on this one. And isn't he supposed to be the commander of the Droid Army? But it's quite possible for there to be a man who's more machine then man. Vader can't be the only one who's been augmented so much.

    The problems I have with the idea of the character is the name. I pray the name is just an early idea. Because 'General Grevious' will be hard to get used to. Also the forearm lightsabers and death by blaster to the gut seem a bit....out there, even for Lucas.

    Depends how it comes off on film, if it is real. It could kick arse, or be hokey as hell. But I remeber Vader fighting that dueling droid with Lightsabers on it's arms, and think it could come off cool.

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    I don't hold much faith in Grevious being real. This is an old fanboy idea resurrected. I heard fanboys rant about a cyborg with lightsabers before TPM even came out. The story is the same, right down to the 4 lightsabers. It's all made up. I say not even a chance that this is true.
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    I . . . don't know. He sounds kinda "Durgey" to me. Which, like JJB said, could be cool or crappy. I sorta hope it won't happen.
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    Big pile of red herring poopy. I'm convinced it's counter leaking, LFL getting stuff onto message boards or websites just to keep people off their backs. After all the crap that went down with the leaks on AOTC they said they'd lock it all up tight. I reckon they have and one or more of their staff is having fun sending e-mail 'spoilers' to fan sites.
    This is the final star wars movie and they aren't going to ruin it all by giving the plot away. They want it to have surprises, I bet some of the pics we've seen were mocked up just to set tongues wagging about it and let them get on with the job of making a movie that's complicated, involved and emotional. Sure there's simple stuff they can give away like the Wookiees or the new planets and wotnot but something like the first ten minutes of the movie isn't likely to be given away, neither is the major plot points. And it's academic anyway because the whole movie is an evolving process with stuff getting changed and cut right up to the last minute.
    Frankly I don't think it's worth looking for spoilers until they start gearing up for the release of the movie. And there's no point talking about specific locations either because most of it is filmed against bluescreen so George could change the background a hundred times between now and the release. 'Spy report' says the Wookiees are on Kashyyk and then george changes the digital matte painting to some other planet. Then he decides he doesn't like the look of that so he has a new one done, then another, then cuts the Wookiees altogether.
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    Big pile of red herring poopy? I'm soo with you on that one. I just can't post like I used to about these spoilers. Nothing seems real yet. These so-called spoilers don't have the same feel as the other movies did. To me, just about everything seems like its been made up.

    And I agree, the amount of leaks from AOTC was disturbing. Lucas has the cat in the bag on this one. Look how quickly they go after websites posting pics from hyperspace. He's in total control. Lucas IS the Emperor.
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    Well if this all turns out to be garbage being leaked, I probably wont be upset, because in the end the film isnt spoiled for me. A lot of what I am reading I find really interesting, and several things I think would really be awesome. But when I see it in theatres and it turns out different I'll still be pleased no matter what. For me I cant really hate star wars, and hopefully this one will turn out great.
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    I just don't care about these spoilers. When AOTC was coming up none of the stuff I heard came to be true. So I am just waiting till the trailer(s) comes out.
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    I believe it is false. I just can't imagine a General Grevious being slain by a blaster to the gut by Kenobi. Kenobi seems to not like blasters anyway...(ANH) "...not as clumsy or random as a blaster".
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    Well, maybe Obi-Wan loses his saber and has to defend himself with a blaster, but he doesn't get a lucky shot until the final "gut shot."


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