anyone watching the jennifer garner show "alias". i really loved season one, but was really turned off by season 2, with the writers bringing in sidney's mom and making her the arch nemisis of the CIA. i just found that whole family dynamic lame......but i watched every episode, hoping things would get better.

now we're 4 episodes into season three, and it's like the show is stuck in the mud. they've tried to shake things up by having sidney missing for 2 years, and made sloan an apparent good guy, but it's obvious he's still bad, and i'm sorry to say i'm getting really bored with the show. anyone else share my feelings?

............and i have hopes that "24" will continue to be the high quality drama we've experienced the last 2 years, but have my doubts about this season as well. instead of an assination attempt or bomb, now it's a virus on the loose. ...........i was really hoping plamer had died(not that i don't like his character) and maybe this season would of been set before the first season, back in jack's delta force or swat days. :happy: