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Thread: Repacks?

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    OK, I know the C-3po is a repack from the flashback photo line.

    Is the Han flight to Alderaan or leia imperial captive repacks? I can't tell.

    Also, the Darth maul is from Masters of the Darkside correct?

    I think nthat the only true "repack " has been the C-3PO.

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    Nope there are more repacks,
    Han is he commtech variety
    Leia is from POTF-2
    Luke - is T-16 luke minus his T-16 model
    Vader - is from MOTD
    Maul is from MOTD
    & Jango Fett is a repacked from '02
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    Wasnt Eeth Loth and Teebo repacked as well? Either way I saw them the other day and they looked good. Those are two that I will pick up.
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    So are the POTJ Imperial Officer and Rebel Fleet Trooper (Tantive IV dudes).

    I don't mind the repacks as long as they don't clog the pegs for other figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandalorian Candidat
    So are the POTJ Imperial Officer and Rebel Fleet Trooper (Tantive IV dudes).

    I don't mind the repacks as long as they don't clog the pegs for other figures.
    Heck, the Repacks are some of the harder ones to find. No pegwarmers there.
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    Actually the Imperial Officer and Rebel Troopers are different than the others since they have new heads so technically they're "new" figures.
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    About the only repack that i am a little upset with is the Jango repack the orginal one was still clogg up the peg to about 2 weeks ago. I was able to hold both 02 and 03 Fetts one in each hand at a walmart. But I like the fact of being able to pick up the Maul and Vader from the MODS Two did not see many of these packs.

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    Most people did not see ANY of the MOTDS 2 packs. I guess Hasbro decided, hey...we have all these Darth Vaders and Darth Mauls from those 2 packs we stopped distributing.

    I was a bit upset when I first heard that they were doing re-releases of these, but then I figured, what better way to maintain the "Vintage feel" of the line than by re-releasing old figures on new cards.
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    I never saw the MOTDS in my stores, so getting those re-released figures is OK with me.

    The only re-release I have now is the Leia, and that's because a friend had an extra. I passed on Han and Luke a couple of weeks ago. Figured they'd be around for a while.

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    I don't mind the releases as long as they are kept to a minimum within each year. Since I am part of the KEBco thing, I get all of the figures. I kept the Rebel Fleet Trooper and the Imperial Officer but ditched the Eeth, Teebo and Han at retail and got something else for my trouble. I have a feeling this may become a habit for me.

    No trouble on the ones I don't have, like the Leia or Threepio, Luke, Vader or Maul.
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