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    I just bought an Imperial Shuttle. It's smaller than I thought it would be. Shame. The AT-ST looks kind of lame, I'll wait for that to go on clearance. And the Falcon is darn near $100 smackers...what the helly??!? That podracer 3-pack looks pretty cool. How much is that going for? And some more info on the Bucket o' podracers would be nice. I've never heard of that one. Between Mose Espa podrace and Watto's Junkyard, you've got yourself a nice little podrace going. Too bad Hasbro doesn't pay attention to what LEGO is doing. More podracers, Sith Infiltrator, Gungan Sub...
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    My mom's new husband-to-be is in his late 30s and just started getting into Lego - you really are never too old for this stuff.

    The landspeeders in that 2pack are leftovers, they had a LOT of landspeeders. There are a few previous 2packs, Mos Espa Podrace w/ Tatooine Showdown, and Vader's TIE & Y w/ Snowspeeder (my favorite). More like these in the future is quite possible. They're retailer exclusives though, so you have to watch out for them, they crop up when and where you least expect.

    Watto's is different from Mos Espa, ME has Anakin's, Sebulba's, and Gasgano's pods, while Watto's has Aldar Beedo's and Mawhonic's pods.

    The Podracer Bucket is a different scale of podracer, much smaller. The idea with this set is to entice little kids who aren't into Star Wars or Lego to join up. It's generally considered a lame set in the SW crowds.

    MC, I am pretty sure, that list was from Lego. I think those are the last sets being shipped from TRU's warehouse, my local store got them too and I was surprised.

    The Imp Shuttle is too short from nose to stern, there should be at least 4 more studs length on that puppy. The great thing about Lego though is that you can do that yourself. The AT-ST is an ok set, it's gimmick is nice and it holds Chewie. It could be better though, a lot better. The Falcon is a big set, it has a lot of pieces (Lego prices are based primarily on brick count) and a lot more gimmicks. I still don't have one though thanks to that price.

    The Mos Espa is $90 alone when not on sale, but only $47 or something in the now HTF Target 2pack.
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    I just saw a Mos Espa on clearance at TRU for $60 . You guys might want to grab one of those if its as much as JT says it is. that's $30 off!! I don't really follow LEGOs so I don't know.

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    I would really like to see some new sets. Namely an AT-AT. What other vehicles are left to do? TIE Bomber, Sandcrawler, Star Destroyer?

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    Lightbulb TIE BOMBER

    A Tie Bomber will be most awesome!!!

    If the AT-AT will be release, it'll be in the range of the Falcon thing.


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