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    Mon Calamari Knights

    Mon Calamari

    Mon Calamari

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    The Clone Wars were the catalyst for escalating local conflicts on many worlds. The water-covered planet of Mon Calamari had been a tinderbox for centuries, as cultural differences between the native Mon Calamari and Quarren had threatened to spill into full-scale fighting throughout their long history. When the Clone Wars erupted, the Confederacy of Independent Systems exploited the long-standing resentment between the two cultures, and pushed the planet into civil war.
    The Mon Calamari are gentle and peaceful by nature, but the dangers of the deep had taught them martial skills. Voracious sea creatures and the belligerent Quarren had threatened many early Mon Calamari cities in the distant past. The Mon Calamari Knights, an ancient order of noble protectors, had become little more than a cultural traditional in modern times -- a social group that remembered the bloody days of earlier times.

    When the Separatist crisis that predated the Clone Wars sparked whispers of impending war, the Knights intensified their training, and brought back the arms and combat skills that made them legendary. The Confederacy-backed Quarren Isolationist League brought the war to Mon Calamari, and the Knights were there to protect the surface cities from their contentious cousins. The Knights teamed up with the clone forces led by Jedi Master Kit Fisto.

    A typical Mon Calamari Knight wears armor crafted from the plates of a titan kantrey, strengthened with modern ores mined, ironically, by the Quarren. They carry a carbon-woven cowill-shell shield, and are armed with energy lances. They ride into battle atop carefully trained keelkana, close relatives of the mindless krakana.
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    So how long are these shorts going to be?
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