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  • I think it will be my favorite SW movie!

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  • I think it will be better than some of the Star Wars movies.

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  • I think it will be on par with the rest of the prequel movies.

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  • Things I've seen or heard make it sound awful already.

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    i like "on par"...

    ...because it can be taken either way. Now I'm one of those who liked both PM & AOTC so I'm really looking forward to see how it all wraps up.
    I couldn't stop myself and read some of the spoilers on other sites (there MUST be some galactic 12-step group for that...ewoks aynonomous anyone?) and if even some of it is true, we're in for an intense ride...

    I'm looking forward to it!

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    Pal-pa-tine, A-na-kin,

    Palpatine, Anakin,

    Pal-pa-tine, A-na-kin,

    See, not only do their names have the same number of syllables, but they also rhyme.

    Hhmmmmm........maybe there's more to this than just poetic justice.

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    I voted big pile of poo.

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    At present, how do you think you'll feel about Episode 3?

    If everything we hear is true, and it probably is since everything that has been revealed sucks hairy ewok, this movie will most certainly be the worst of all the prequels. Lucas is suceeding in destroying Star Wars. First he wiped his butt on the originals by rereleasing them as the hideous "special" editions and now with the abominations that we now know as prequels George Lucas has defied the laws of physics by both sucking and blowing at the same time.

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    LucasBlows... you're pretty hardcore with your opinions. To each their own.
    But I wonder why you bother keeping up w/ SW news if it seems to bother you so much.

    The special editions were alright... the only thing he should have made sure was
    correct was that Greedo's shot should have at least left a blaster burn in the wall... he can't possibly be that bad a shot AND carry such a lame gun.

    E3 could be great like I said before... and as Tycho mentioned the 3rd film will
    probably make me enjoy and even understand the first two movies more. I just get the feeling that when Lucas originally thought out the Saga he didn't have Anakin being so young at first sight. If he did Episode 4 would probably be Episode 5 or 6 (so he could tell the whole story of Anakin)...

    I actually hope there WILL be a lot left unanswered in this film or else it will seem like a trilogy crammed into one movie... As it is now, EII could have easily been EI with just a few modifications... (that may be a statement made without thinking too much, but I can't see much to argue the idea)

    By stating that EI and EII addressed very little I simply meant that by running through a list of questions that came up in the original trilogy how many have been answered in the first two prequels... not nearly as many as still remain. Not that they were bland and lacking of any pertinent information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeziks22
    The special editions were alright... the only thing he should have made sure was
    correct was that Greedo's shot should have at least left a blaster burn in the wall...
    Your only problem with that scene is there isn't a blaster burn in the wall? How about the fact that Greedo shooting first alters the dynamic of the entire scene? Let's face it, Han wasn't exactly the nicest guy in the galaxy when we meet him in the cantina, so it's totally in character—not to mention SMART—for him to shoot Greedo before Greedo had a chance to shoot him. The altered scene in the special edition turns Han from a hard-edged gunslinger into a friggin' wuss. And Lucas' claim that he didn't want Han to kill Greedo "in cold blood" is assinine. He had a gun pointed at his chest, brain trust! That's self defense, not cold blood! Maybe in the next special edition Luke will only fire his torpedos at the Death Star after it fires at—and miraculously misses—the Yavin moon.

    And that scene is hardly the only thing wrong with the special editions. How about Jabba looking nothing like he does in Return of the Jedi? Or that totally unnecessary (not to mention fake looking) shot of Han running around the corner and into a platoon of Stormtroopers? And don't even get me started on the fact that Luke screams when he jumps off the gantry at Cloud City. That awesome scene went from "I'd rather die than join the Dark Side," to "If I knew the fall was going to be this scary I wouldn't have jumped!" Boring, thoughtless writing. And to top it all off, they used the Emperor's scream from Return of the Jedi! Come on! They couldn't grab an intern, shove a microphone in his face and say "Here, scream like a girl."

    I'm glad Lucasblows brought up the special editions, because it just goes to show what is fundamentally wrong with the way Lucas has gone about filming the prequels: all visuals and not enough story. I mean geeze, his whole excuse for doing the special editions was "I didn't have the technology to do these things 20 years ago." You didn't have the technology to make Greedo shoot first? Or have Luke scream when he jumped? Just give me the original theatrical releases and a ticket to Lord of the Rings, please...

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    Well, answered questions from the OT are now:

    1) Where did all the stormtroopers and military might of the Empire come from?

    2) How did Palpatine gain control over it; where did he come from?

    3) Where did Anakin Skywalker come from? Who was his family?

    4) Why did Anakin not take well to Jedi training? How could someone capable of being a Jedi go bad? What were his motivations?

    5) If Obi-Wan was so great of Jedi, why couldn't he deal with training Anakin?

    6) Who was Luke and Leia's mother?

    7) Where did R2D2 and C-3PO come from?

    8) What was this mysterious Jedi Order and who were the Knights of the Old Republic? How did they operate?

    9) Why did the Republic fall? What could have been done about it?

    10) What were the Clone Wars?

    11) How did Luke end up living with Owen and Beru?

    12) How was Bail Organa involved, and when was Obi-Wan a General?


    1) Stormtroopers are probably Clones with armor that has evolved away from symbols of the Old Republic and has been replaced by symbols of the Empire. As the might of the Empire strengthened, Stormtroopers could also include enlisted and drafted random humans from across the galaxy, as time went on, and it hasn't been denied. But it's been pretty obviously answered for the most part.

    2) Palpatine was the Senator from Naboo, and he most likely acted as Darth Sidious to set up a situation he could capitalize on politically, and did so, gaining emergency powers as he innocently protested that democracy could work in the face of the greed of special interest groups from "corporate galactica."

    3) Anakin was a 9 year old slave boy, son of Shmi Skywalker, another slave. He had a dubious virgin birth, which may or may not be true, but he grew up wanting respect and trusting in his own ability to achieve goals and disciplines that he set for himself. To survive, he learned to cheat around the rules.

    4) Anakin knew his mother and wanted to save her from slavery, and end its injustice as he saw fit. More of answer 3 lends to this answer. He also lost his mother, and had difficulty dealing with Jedi restrictions against unsanctioned missions, personal indulgements, and revenge. We saw that just as he could not blame himself for his slavery condition (which was true), he learned to never blame himself for his failures to either a) accept the Jedi training conditions and their consequences for his mother, and the lifestyle he'd chosen or b) accept that it was his fault, that bad things would happen that would terribly affect him, if he strayed outside of the rules Obi-Wan laid down for him - hence he winds up in an ultimately tragic relationship with Padme. Her fate, no doubt completes his downfall. But yes, he always only wanted just to be of help, do good, and be a hero.

    5) Obi-Wan was a strict adherent of the Jedi code and didn't want Anakin and the responsibility of training him. But Obi-Wan's master, Qui-Gon, was the student of Dooku, a rule breaker, who taught Qui-Gon his own interpretations or dismissals of what was important to the Jedi code. In the end, Qui-Gon was killed, and Obi-Wan, barely ready to be a Knight, was charged too young, with being a Master to a boy who was too old to begin the training, due to Anakin's previous life experiences, discussed above, as well as Anakin's attachments to others he loved. Qui-Gon probably could have trained him, though Dooku could have remained a danger. We don't know when Dooku really thought of joining the Sith yet. Of course, Qui-Gon, had he lived, would have been susceptible to Dooku. Obi-Wan, however, was only too green and inexperienced to deal with an apprentice only 15 years younger than he was. In most societies, 15 is too young to become a father, yet a young father can handle it in various cases, because the child is a baby in a crib, dependant on the parent, not a podracer with a knack for finding trouble and powers they cannot control. It was doomed from the start. The only new question remaining is how much of this did Palpatine know or plan?

    6) Padme Naberrie (Amidala) was Luke and Leia's mother. She was the Queen of Naboo, therefore giving Leia official inheritance of the title "Princess."

    7) C-3PO was a junked protocal droid that may or may not have known R2-D2 before being scrapped and having a memory wipe. Anakin Skywalker found what was left of him and rebuilt him and gave him his name we know him by. R2-D2 was one of 6-8 astromech repair droids purchased by the Naboo to serve Padme Amidala's royal starship in basic and emergency maintainance. He is the last survivor of his droid crew from the Trade Federation conflict, and become an honored and trusted servant of Pamde's. The droid's union as counterparts was completed, upon Anakin and Padme's union in marriage.

    8) The Knights of the Old Republic were governed by a Council of 12, including Mace Windu and Master Yoda. They maintained an ancient temple to their order on Coruscant, which was at least 1,000 years old, possibly 3,000 years old (Nomi Sunrider had the Jedi based on Exis Station before choosing to move them to Coruscant, years after Ossus was destroyed in the Sith War). The Temple has training and living quarters for younglings, who are taken close to their age at birth, to be raised in an ideal and sheltered lifestyle, until fully inculcated into the Jedi Way. Knights roam the galaxy on a life of continuous missions. They normally choose from younglings at age 13, to become formally apprenticed for about 10-12 years, with one Master. They become Knights themselves at around their mid-twenties. Most Jedi Masters training apprentices would be expected to be older than 30 (for a human master). Very old Jedi may live in the temple and serve on the Council or act as librarians, and other specialists. During the Clone Wars, it was asked of all Knights to become Generals, and their older Padawans to serve as Lieuteniants, commanding Clone Warriors and Republic officers against the Separatists. Jedi who could not be trained to become Knights, are put in diplomatic services or the Agricultural Corps, helping with science and political duties with the benefits of their extensive Jedi education. (Perhaps Palpatine is one of these Jedi who were never chosen? His Force capabilities are thus known to the Council, and that is why he is not suspected when he's on the same ship or in the same office with them?)

    9) The Republic fell because of corporate greed and interest group politics that caused for stalemates in critical votes when systems like Naboo needed the results of fast action. Imagine the California fire response if Republicans and Democrats argued the point of sending out-of-state aid until every house had burned down! Well, Naboo, and many of the Separatist Systems were on fire, so they had to take matters into their own hands. It is really surprising that Padme herself does not become a Separatist. I wonder if that will change? Right now, her position is to reform the Republic, because if the Separatists succeed, they'll only eventually need a new galactic government anyway, and learn soon enough that their non-interference policies will only go so far, before their precious commerce is destroyed. They'll need a New Republic, but out of desperation, carefully manipulated by the Sith, they'll help a war-weary population choose an Empire!

    10) The Clone Wars were the clashes of an illegally, and unsanctioned Clone army, supposedly created by the Jedi, fighting against independent systems who were trying to create their own destiny because the corrupt or stalemated Republic no longer represented them, and they were lured by the money and show of strength by corporate interests, to trust that their automated droid armies could gaurantee their safety and freedom. The droids could not respond with compassion, and the feeling was almost bred out of the Clones, and what resulted was a war that escalated into the destruction of civilization.

    11) Owen was the step-son of Anakin's mother, therefore Anakin's step-brother, and his son Luke's "step-uncle."

    12) Bail Organa was a Loyalist Party member who believed in fixing the Republic and stood naively by Palpatine's side, as the Chancellor's ally, until it was too late. He helped the Chancellor gain emergency powers, which sanctioned the Clone Army, and then called upon the Jedi to serve as its generals. Obi-Wan was a Jedi who obeyed his call to duty. He served all the Loyalists to the Republic as a General, not just Bail Organa, but the two may yet end up fighting on the same side in action, or at the speaker's podium. It will be up to E3 to show us anything more.

    The Questions left for E3 are as follows:

    1) How does Padme die?
    2) How does Leia end up with Bail Organa?
    3) What makes Anakin finally choose to fight with Obi-Wan with weapons versus words? (he's already mad at Obi-Wan and the Jedi about his mom).
    4)What physically happens to Anakin? What are his wounds?
    5) How is Palpatine alligned with the Sith? Who was his master? What is he? How did he get into service in Naboo in the first place?
    6) When are the droids' memories wiped? 3PO, or both? Why? (can't 3PO remember Tatooine?)
    7) Where does Han Solo come from? Is his destiny intertwined in all this so early in his life?
    8) What's Chewie's story? Where does his morals originate from?
    9) When does the Rebel Alliance form? What will Bail Organa and Mon Mothma have to do with it? How about Admiral Ackbar (NOTE - Mon Calamari is Separatist! - Sen. Tiikes is in AOTC, and in the comics and in the upcoming CW cartoon, Mon Cal and Quarren alike fight Palpatine's Republic)
    10) How does Tarkin rise to power? (it's not really important. He just has fans).
    11) How is the Jedi Temple destroyed? Are all the Jedi killed, or are they still hunted for 18 years after the movie closes?
    12) How does Yoda end up on Dagobah? How does Obi-Wan end up on Tatooine?
    13) Does Vader know his son survived? Does Palpatine?
    14) Did Anakin have a father? Did Shmi lie?
    15) What ends up happening to C-3PO and R2-D2? Are they lost so they can have their "Droids" adventures for the next 18 years? Is R2 trying to loyally get back to Padme, or serve her daughter?
    16) Does Obi-Wan meet Darth Vader, once Anakin is transformed?
    17) Will Lucas keep Vader's identity secret, as to make for a 12 hour movie?
    18) Will Lucas keep the fact that there are twin babies secret for the same reason?
    19) Does Lando Calrissian have any significant origin in all of the calamity following the Clone Wars?
    20) What has happened to Boba Fett?
    21) How does Mace Windu die?
    22) How do some Jedi disappear?
    23) Do midichlorians have anything to do with any plot point whatsoever?
    24) Did JarJar Binks serve any further purpose to the trilogy as a whole?
    25) Why did Count Dooku get involved with the Sith? Why did Palpatine trust him? How did they meet?

    These are a lot of the issues that have been, or have to be, resolved by the Prequels.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeziks22
    I just get the feeling that when Lucas originally thought out the Saga he didn't have Anakin being so young at first sight. If he did Episode 4 would probably be Episode 5 or 6 (so he could tell the whole story of Anakin)...

    As it is now, EII could have easily been EI with just a few modifications... (that may be a statement made without thinking too much, but I can't see much to argue the idea)
    About Ani's age, I totally agree. And if you look at the illustrated screenplay, the writing comes off more as a kid in his early teens and many of the drawings in there support this. I think Lucas changed his mind 2/3rds of the way through and simply changed the kid's age.

    As for Ep 1 being easily shoehorned into Ep 2, I've said that for years now, couldn't agree more.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Unsatisfied w/ the answers or still craving for more??? Here's tip: Read the Books, people, and eliminate all the unnecessary questions plaguing your galactic puzzle. Sorry, the movies are for entertainment. For trivial answers, I'd rather read a book and perhaps discover why such event took place and why some individuals are the way they are. Point taken on OT Special Editions, they are made to entertain and wow the audience on special effects, hence Special Editions. Unfortunately, to some, these films didn't make for a better story. To me, I was content with these films. Even if they are inconsistent w/ the books.

    Inconsistencies abound in SW continuity, so I won't even sweat it if not all questions will be answered in the final prequel. I thought at first AOTC will be the Clone Wars itself, but I was wrong. Who would've thought the Clone Wars will be made into a cartoon series?? Wars and violence for kids. Now, they really are gonna buy a lot of toy soldiers. Big G has a way of keeping things 'clouded' in the Force, so please take the blue pill and relax. Enjoy the movie when it finally shows up.

    And leave the red pill to Big G and his staff!!!

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    The feel of the OT is completely different than that of the prequels for obvious reasons... The OT you follow a rebellion... made of a few talented, strong-willed and/or lucky beings who are frequently on their own fighting the system. The prequels we follow a few talented, strong-willed and/or lucky beings who are enmeshed in the workings of the government... fighting for it not against it.

    My point is... if Lucas would have made E I-III first, with all these players and political intrigue, and big battle scenes (which may or may not be necessary) they likely would have been looked at with awe like the OT was during their releases. However, if you go back and try to make the second trilogy afterwards (E IV-VI) which is much more low key (until the end of Jedi) and less political (The rebellion exists and that is that)... I think SW fans would be really bored and dissappointed.

    I think, if anything the prequels should increase fans' appreciation of the OT... they light up the background and put in place a lot of what we know has to be a really complex situation (but never really get to see in the OT). I mean... ESB may be the best of the OT, but why so... because it is so simple? Very little happened with the rebellion after the Hoth sequence... after that it was like a school yard squabble; Vader is the big bully and Luke, Leia, Han etc are the epitome of the less mature kids running scared... Luke finally gets fed up, but oversteps his bounds and gets whooped for it.

    Do "we" not like the prequels because they have too many special effects, or because they are too complicated? Special effects are easy to pick on, but I'm guessing because they are too confusing... we really still don't know what's going on!

    Back to the poll... Hopefully E III will be a great tie in with the OT... bringing things from really complicated (prequel feeling) to simple and linear (OT feeling)


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