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    Great Point!
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    Quote Originally Posted by skeeziks22
    Do "we" not like the prequels ...because they are too complicated?

    Complicated? The Prequels aren't even close to being "complicated." Confusing, yes, but only because so much of what we were led to believe is being altered, so most of us are sitting here trying to figure out what the heck Lucas is thinking. Apart from that, the Prequel stories are about as cut and dried as they get. Lucas's own mantra to "cut fast so the audience won't notice" was in full effect here.

    But you're right about the order of production...not that it takes much thought. Lucas himself has said this for many years, that he began with Episode IV because it was inherently more interesting than the, quote, "machiavellian" political story of the Prequels. Too bad he couldn't have stuck with that idea instead of running off on a soap-opera tangent.

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    Do you refer to the love story?

    Well, that's how they explain Luke and Leia being born.

    It also will surely have a lot to do with how Anakin gets involved in the political story, and how he falls to the Dark Side and joins to command the Empire.
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    I stick by my "Complicated" statement. If you simply look at the main characters actions I will admit that their story is pretty basic... BUT the reason it is simple for them so far is because they really don't know what is going on.

    Obi-Wan has the best idea I think (except maybe for Yoda and Mace) because he isn't complicating things with relationships, so he can focus on the matter at hand.

    How did Dooku get involved?
    Who is Darth Sidious?
    How did the Republic Army really get commisioned?
    Who is being used and who doing the using?
    Why is the Force so clouded, if only two Sith exist (and Dooku really isn't all that "Dark")?
    What enables Qui-Gon to speak from beyond the grave?
    Then there is all the political rambling in the background that simply muttles up anything that seems to be clear cut.

    So, yes, I think these movies are much more complicated.

    I am happy that these movies have raised more questions than they answered... and some things were revealed that seemed to come out of left field.

    When the OT was still fresh and the only SW movies out there, I don't know how many people would have guessed that the Old Republic and the Empire are simply one evolved into the next. I think this alone makes the prequels intriguing and worthy of the SW universe

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    I really like the political intrigue (mystery) portion of the Prequels, despite it not making too much sense at times (not because it's "complicated" but because it wasn't thought out very well). Of course the courtship of Anakin and Padme is vitally important as it leads to the "creation" of our next set of heroes, but George could have toned it down a few notches and still gotten his point across. The IMAX version did just that and the entire story flows so much better for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    6) Padme Naberrie (Amidala) was Luke and Leia's mother. She was the Queen of Naboo, therefore giving Leia official inheritance of the title "Princess."
    I thought the Princess title came from Alderaan, not Naboo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho
    7) C-3PO was a junked protocal droid that may or may not have known R2-D2 before being scrapped and having a memory wipe. Anakin Skywalker found what was left of him and rebuilt him and gave him his name we know him by.
    Is there a source that says he was a junked droid? From the movie, all we know is that Anakin built him, though I suppose he could have salvaged parts from junked droids. I can't recall if I read about it anywhere though.

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    It was in the novelization of the movie.

    And you are probably correct about Leia's title being from Alderaan. However she would have been royalty from Naboo anyway, had everything been done right in a normal delivery.
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    Ok, I got this quandry: Somewhere in the books, it was stated that Fett's armor is derived from the Mandalorian commandos that the Jedi defeated and wiped out during the 'Clone Wars'???? Clone Wars??? Then, I thought well, wasn't Jango the last of the Mandalorians after they fought both the Jedi and rival renegade commandos?? I know this wasn't not during the Clone Wars. When I first read the origins of Fett's armor, I thought the Mandalorians ARE the Clones. I guess in an ironic twist of fate, its pretty much true since they used Jango's DNA to spawn the clone soldiers. But the Jedi are their allies in this war!!!

    I don't know what gives but somehow its does get a little confusing trying to make sense of its continuity. I give up.
    Gimme a break!!!

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    Read the Comic Series "Jango Fett: Open Season"

    History of the Mandalorians in a nut shell:

    bby = before battle of Yavin in ANH (SW E4)

    4000 bby - Mandalorians are marauding band of warriors led by Mandalore, a leader who taught his men - beings of different species - their own martial arts and code of honor amongst thieves.

    4000 bby - Mandalore was defeated and pledged his loyalty to the Sith Lord Ulic Qel Droma. All Mandalorians became servants of the Sith. They became traditional enemies of the Jedi, directly for that reason.

    3997 bby - The Sith plans to conquer the galaxy are defeated, Mandalore is killed on the Dxxun Moon orbitting the Sith world of Onderron. The warriors hide out there, possibly recruiting during raids, but culling the weak from their numbers.

    Nothing is heard of the Mandalorians through the 1,000 year war that we currently know of. The Sith returned but fought without them. There certainly didn't seem to be Mandalorians at Ruusan, with Darth Bane.

    Darth Bane did go to the Dxxun Moon after Ruusan, when he and Zannah were the last surviving Sith. He may have enlisted Mandalorians then, or they may have been long gone. This was 3,000 years later.

    1000 bby - was Darth Bane's movement for the Sith to be reborn.

    63 yrs bby - Mandalorians were working as mercenaries, sort of like "The A-Team," only several hundred strong (or larger). Civil war errupted within the ranks over what their moral code should be: blood work versus rescue missions.
    Jaster Mureel was recruited into the Mandalorians ranks and rose to power to lead them fighting the Death Watch faction.

    The in-fighting spread back to Jaster's homeworld of Concord Dawn, where he'd been the sherrif, so to speak. His replacement, was a farmer named Fett. His family was slaughtered and only one son survived: Jango.

    Jaster adopted Jango and raised him to be a Mandalorian Warrior.

    The Death Watch killed Jaster Mureel, and Jango saved his armor to one day fill it with a protoge that he'd train to lead the Mandalorians like Jaster did.

    The Death Watch tricked the Jedi Knights commanded by Count Dooku, into wiping out the Mandalorians for them. Jango was captured and sold into slavery.

    Jango escaped and wrecked revenge on the Death Watch, killing all of them including Mantross, their leader, and Jaster's former rival.

    32 years bby - Dooku turned to the Dark Side and joined the Sith. As part of their plot, he recruited Jango Fett to be the source of new warriors for the cause. They'd initially make the Republic an army of professional soldiers, the ARC Troopers being the best trained in the Mandalorian arts, and armed similarly.

    Jango requested an unaltered Clone, to be raised to be his protoge to don Jaster Mureel's armor and make the Mandalorians live again.

    22 bby: Jango was killed by a Jedi.

    His work was done on a need-to-know basis, or he thought Dooku had betrayed him, or had his plans collapse around him, when the Jedi took command of the Clone Army and used them against the Separatists.

    Boba saw it as a failure of the Count's, but watched for signs of betrayal.
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    Thanks for the info Tycho, I'll have to read the TPM novel again someday. Other than the Episode I and II novelizations, the only other prequel era stuff I've read is Rogue Planet and The Approaching Storm. I've read the Jedi Apprentice series but not the Jedi Quest or Boba Fett books. I think the only comics from that era I've read is Prelude to Rebellion. I usually wait and get the trade paperbacks rather than get individual issues. Either way, I'm way behind on the reading. I've been doing post ROTJ reading and reached New Rebellion but stopped reading again. And when I do read, I tend to quickly forget all the details. I've got the Clone Wars timeline now so I think I'll try and follow that to keep up the events leading up to Episode III.



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