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  • Any news: I don't want to know anything about Episode 3 at all!

    50 15.48%
  • Casting news, whether the character's name is revealed or not.

    5 1.55%
  • Location description: like the names of planets and sites in the movie.

    17 5.26%
  • Scene description: like a massive space battle occurs, or a specific ship's in a scene.

    27 8.36%
  • Plot element: like something happens to so-and-so, specifically.

    138 42.72%
  • Never: I want to know everything about Episode 3. Get me the script now!

    86 26.63%
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    When do you consider it a spoiler?

    OK, just last week a lot of fans went bananas over some news put up over at the Official Star Wars website.

    It had to do with a character from Return of the Jedi making a prequel appearance in the final film.

    Most people know the details behind this by now, but I won't say anything more because somebody will get all touchy about it

    Well, some fans were so happy and ecstatic about it, that it got posted all over the web on a lot of Star Wars sites.

    Other fans got all angry, not because the news wasn't cool, but because it wasn't kept a secret!

    What's your take on all this?

    When is it a spoiler?

    I tried to make the choices in the poll advance "spoiler-dom" to further and further degrees. Click on the severity of the info-breach that is where it starts to anger you - or not.

    For me? Just send me the script. I think I got

    the whole story figured out here, but this is a SPOILER SECTION THREAD you are clicking on.

    I'm eager to know by just how much did I get it right. That's the fun of spoilers for me.
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    I could sure use the script, now. Oh, well. There isn't too many surprises left for Epiosde III, I believe. Or, are there?
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    The way I feel is, if find out about a part or what ever, it's not a big deal, but I wont go looking for it and I wont get mad. We all pretty much know whats going to happen, it's just the little details we don't know about. I cared more about spoilers in EP1 and EP2 than for EP3. To me it will be the sad ending to something I love. I mean, it will be over. Just like I hate all the endings of all the films, because I don't wont them to be over. Does anyone else feel that way?

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    I voted for Location and up - since casting is inevitable

    I really don't want to know much about the movie - any movie.

    I try to get to movies late so I don't have to watch the trailers - or just close my eyes and try to shut it out (I'm serious ).

    Trailers used to be good fun - true teasers. But now, they've become the whole movie in a minute and a half.

    The biggest source of spoilers for me now is the preview toys - a necessary evil I'm afraid.

    But as far as casting goes, that's really inevitable - from your basic movie info site ( to the notes at the bottom of the official poster.

    And for that matter, since these are prequels and there's a special thrill in how these will be tied to original trilogy, I don't mind the revelations of which characters will be back. Just don't tell me what they're going to be doing!

    So I voted for Locations (and up). I really don't want to know any more than it's EpIII and what the title will be.

    It's tough in a world of constant media and marketing, but I still try.

    The movie, watch it I will - but nothing else!
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    Seeing as how I'm a sucker, er... ah, subscriber to Hyperspace, I do want to know OFFICIAL news. That being said, I wish more care were taken in thread titles here at SSG. I'm one of the ones that clicks on "all new posts/threads" search feature, so when there is a thread "Actor X is set to play character" it's a needless spoiler. I know that as we get further into the production more threads like these will appear. Other then official news, I'm not looking to learn any spoilers.

    Maybe there could be generic spoiler threads: "Casting announcements spoiler thread", "Plot spoiler thread", etc...
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    I started posting in the EP III Spoilers section of this very forum. I quit, because I realized that I had let into the evil temptation of checking out the Marvel comics when I got an early release of the ROTJ comic. I didn't want to know if Darth was really Lukes father, but here I was reading everything, and I wasn't surprised when I went to see it at the theatre. I also snuck a peek into a book before seeing EPII, during Celebratiuon II, and I remember seeing Anakin laying on the ground with his arm severed, and Obi Wan laying next to him. I thought, just based on that picture, that Obi and Anakin had this great lightsaber battle, and they were both drained and lay there next to each other from the duel. Turns out I was wrong, but I don't want to know anything except who is going to be playing a part in the next film.
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    that is what made star wars great is that you don't know what is going to happen next. let us be suprised at every turn. don't tell us what is going to happen. let the film makers do their job and tell a story with out everybody second guessing them. the big draw with the first trilogy is that nobody knew what direction the movie series was going to take. please just let the creators do their job. the finale chapter will be that more enjoyable. we do not need to know everything that happens from day one, let it be brand new to all of us.

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    I said I didn't like any news, but that's not totally true. I want to know some news, like George going to Australia, were the production stands, when principal photography wraps, and stuff like that.

    Why don't I want to know anything? I was so excited for EPI, that I learned everything I could. Then the movie came out and I thought it was incredibly disappointing. The more I know, the higher my expectations get, so I'm usually let down. I really tried to limit what I learned on EPII, and I really enjoyed the movie. Hayden and Natilie really stunk it up as actors, but I liked the film. The more surprised I am the more I'll like the movie.

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    I prefer not to know too much about upcoming movies because in the days of the old Star Wars, there wasn't this vast network of spies and information distributors that made every detail and in fact advance copies of films available to anyone who wants them.

    X2 was partially ruined for me by people hinting at spoilers. The movie was still fun, but there was no surprise ending because every advance review and news item talked about 'but I don't want to ruin the surprise'. Often, just saying that a film has a twist or surprise in it is enough to wreck it. The 6th Sense anyone? The bottom line is that if you want to avoid any and all of this, it's not that hard-- just turn off your computer.

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    I chose plot element, something that happens to so-and-so specifically. It really sucked when I found out about the fate of Qui-Gon, Darth Maul, and Jango Fett. I don't care if I hear about who's playing who, because I don't know how that character will play into the film. Same with ships and locations. I was tempted, before Episode II came out, to go to all the time and read the spoilers, and did, and the storyboards of the reek and Kamino scenes should've remained unseen. Oh well, I'll be a bit more careful this time as to not look through the book or on TFN.
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