View Poll Results: Presently, how do you think you'll feel about Episode 3?

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  • I think it will be my favorite SW movie!

    85 14.83%
  • I think it will be better than some of the Star Wars movies.

    208 36.30%
  • I think it will be on par with the rest of the prequel movies.

    178 31.06%
  • Things I've seen or heard make it sound awful already.

    47 8.20%
  • Undecided or I've heard nothing about it yet.

    55 9.60%
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    At present, how do you think you'll feel about Episode 3?

    There's no spoilers allowed in this thread.

    The new movie is about a year and 7 months away.

    Some of you have read the spoilers, and some of you know only what Lucasfilm's determined is O.K. to let leak.

    Still, others of you have just been unable to not speculate on what the movie will bring, knowing nothing but the information you have from having seen Episodes 4, 5, and 6.

    Finally, many of you have opinions about where the Star Wars saga has traveled with the hindsight of having seen Episodes 1 and 2.

    At this time, how do you expect to feel about Episode 3?
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    I've heard some crazy stuff and if it is real I think it will be on par with the rest of sequels despite what we know about a certain characters apperance that I'm really looking forward to.

    If what I heard on TFN is not true then I think we are in for one heck of a movie.
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    I think there should be an "undecided" catagory in thr poll. I have no clue if it will be better, the same, or worse than the other Star Wars films. I try to avoid reading anything about the next film, so I have no opinion on the subject, therefore I am undecided.
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    I think Episode 3 will be awful, regardless of whether all the rumors are true or not. Lucas is more concerned with visuals than telling a compelling story and these new films are suffering because of it. Look at it this way: everyone's chief complaint about Episode 1 was the inclusion of Jar Jar. So Jar Jar barely appeared in Episode 2 and it was STILL sub-par. And the reason for that is these new films lack what made the original films (notice I said "original" and not "Special Editions") so wonderful: a great and timeless story, memorable dialogue, and character development. What's more, the visuals look way too clean and computer generated, which is pathetic coming from a man who once said CGI should be used as a tool to achieve what filmmakers otherwise could not. You mean to tell me Jar Jar couldn't have been a guy in a costume? Or the Clones? Even the behind-the-scenes material pales in comparison to the original films! I remember being fascinated as a child learning how they filmed the Battle of Hoth. Now all Lucas has to say is, "Every element in this shot—other than Obi-Wan's ear and Padme's left breast—is CGI." It's really sad, considering how incredible the story of the fall of Anakin Skywalker could have been. Instead, Lucas has only succeeded in raping my inner child. I'm left wondering if he conceived the original trilogy by accident—Or maybe it was those darn Midichlorians...

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    I agree whole-heartedly, one hundred percent with what Angellus said. I used to be a complete Star Wars freak, but not so much now, and it can be directly blamed on the prequels. I know there are some of you out there who think that Lucas can do no wrong, because that's how I felt for a long time. But the bottom line is that the prequals have completely destroyed what could have been the ultimate saga. Thanks Uncle George for taking our money and leaving us with a big steaming pile on our door step. The acting in these movies is AWEFUL. Especially both Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen were the worst actors I have seen put in such major roles. Looks like Georgie decided to put all his money in the CG than in talented actors. Making the movies 95% CG was the worst thing Lucas could have done. And the sad part is that it's not even good CG. Look at the Lord of the Rings movies, now there's some good CG. He should have been more loyal to what the fans wanted instead of making an ILM test reel that's 2+ hours long. I used to collect the Star Wars figures as well, but now I just don't want to, I just keep checking this site to see what's coming out, but I no longer have any intention to buy because they're just not worth it. SHAME ON YOU GEORGE LUCAS FOR GIVING THE FINGER TO YOUR FANS AND RUINING SOMETHING WE LOVED!!

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    why did stillakid register two new user names to post the above two replies? ...........just joking stilla!

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    Episode II was pretty lame, especially with regard to some of the special effects.
    Some were just awful!
    Anakin and Padme looked rediculous riding the Reek.
    The special effects in Lord of the Rings blows it away.
    George better get a bit more realistic here.
    Story line: How could Padme possible fall in love with a jerk like Anakin?
    If this stuff continues in Ep.III, I will be highly disappointed!
    Don't get me wrong, I'm a dedicated SW fan, with better than $12,000.
    in merchandise. Nevertheless, I expect better results from the originator of one of the greatest sagas of all time.
    I think he needs some new employees with fresh ideas.
    It's probably too late for that.
    Oh, well............

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    That scene with Anakin riding the Reek is the one thing that made me dislike AOTC more than any film. The movie was good until that point and then after that I noticed how fake the movie looked. I bet if it was not for that scene I would have care less how video-game like the Clone Wars battle was like or how horrible Jango looks like in the Droid Factory Chase. I probably could care less about the rest of the love story but this scene made it awful, and I mean it made AOTC awful. There is no excuse for that scenes existence.
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    One more thing I 100% disagree that LOTR special effects blow away SW's. They both look the same and are equally crappy. Like the Balrog in TTT. Gandalf is a CGI looking man. I hate to say it but LOTR does not stack much higher, CGI wise. What makes CGI good or bad is the way it is used.

    Bad CGI
    Ani riding Reek

    Good CGI

    If you need more examples I will gladly provide them.
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    Lucas will really have to work hard to make this movie worse than other films. We have Vader introduced, Mon Mothma, the destruction of the Jedi, how can they mess it up without doing so on purpose.
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