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    Hasbro doubles production!

    So the other night I was bored, I started going throught the numbers and really thinking about Hasbro's production numbers.

    Now, Hasbro may not have doubled their exact Star Wars production, but they have doubled the number of new basic figures being released.

    I ran the numbers to include major product variations (Clean Battle Droid, Dirty Battle Droid, etc).

    Since the release of the EP1 line going through and including the POTJ line Hasbro has averaged 3.5 new basic figures per month from May 99-March 02. Compared to almost 7 new basic figures per month from April 02-December 03!!!

    That is quite a jump. I took the liberty of rounding both numbers up, both were just shy of the above numbers, but it works the same when rounding down, 3 per month vs 6 per month.

    So what are your thoughts?

    We seem to be getting more of the figures we have been asking for (Imperial Dignitary, General Reikken, etc)

    But at the same time we get stuck with these recent re-packs (Luke, Han, Leia, Vader, Maul and Jango). Personally, I would rather have seen a re-packed Royal Guard than Jango!!! But hey, what do I know, the Royal Guard remains one of my favorite figures from the mixed bag that is/was SAGA.

    And what about Hasbro running 2-3 lines at the same time? Saga vs Clone Wars with the up comming Animated figures line on it's way. Will Hasbro be competing with itself? I have already heard from one camp that says they will not be collecting the Clone Wars figures. Will it be the same for the animated figures?

    Who plans on collecting what?
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    I don't think this really matters and we seem to be getting the same amount of "new" characters as in previous years.
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    It does seem like there are more figures i have to keep an eye out for. I dont really mind that as long as they are background characters. I do plan on getting all three lines but have been holding off on the Clone Wars line in hopes of finding the Walmart multipacks with the extra clone.
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    In for a penny, in for a pound. I plan on collecting all 3 lines. I currently have the Clone Wars bonus packs and the Clone Wars basic single carded figures. I will also buy the Cartoon figures.
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    I'm hardly even bothering to look at any of it right now. There's a few regular star wars figures I want but the EU stuff can go hang for all I care. Will not spend a penny on that dross. Especially not the cartoon based stuff. Bumface Anakin is enough to put anyone off the figures for life.

    I think personally Hasbro has gone completely nuts and employed monkeys to replace the dogs who used to work there. there's so much stuff coming out now that if I see the tag 'collect them all' anywhere on the packaging I'll sue for false advertising because not all figures are available in all countries. As these toys are aimed at the four year old and above I fail to see how any kid could afford to collect them all. It takes serious moolah to even buy a small fraction of it these days. One of the reasons I can't really be bothered with most of it. the other is that space has run out for the millionth luke skywalker and millionth Jango Fett rehash. Seems like every vehicle is being re-released too with some minor improvement or other. Thus negating all the hard earned cash spent buying the inferior version first time round. Kinda makes me sick to the stomach to think I spent so many years chasing cheap plastic effigies like a crazed addict. No more my friends. Spent $3,000 on star wars last year and $100 this year on bits and pieces only. It's all gone stale and needs putting to bed now I think. I'm not even remotely interested in seeing how the saga plays out aftyer being totally disappointed in the first two prequels. Can't see me getting excited about the toys either. Star wars has been merchandised to saturation point and now it's just naff.

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    Well, maybe they should double distribution. I dont plan on getting the animated line though. About half of the clone wars as well. But the Saga I will keep on getting.
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    Spent $3,000 on star wars last year and $100 this year on bits and pieces only. It's all gone stale and needs putting to bed now I think.
    That's funny, I'm the exact opposite. Last year I was so sick of low quality gimmick figures I refused to collect 'em all. In fact I found most of 'em and passed them up on many ocassions.

    Now I am buying Clone 3 packs like crazy and I just can't wait to see new Clone Wars stuff, especially as they ramp up to the new cartoon shorts! I now have a Clone Army that puts my OT Army to shame.
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    I'd rather have better distribution than more figures personally.Lets see the stuff actually make it to the pegs.I collect what I like,so I'll be getting stuff form all three lines.Exlcuding the animated Anakin and Obi-Wan though,just horrid.
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