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    More Futura Trek Micros...

    Just reading about this on another website, and j-list already have them for pre-order. The range for collection 2 is:

    10 ships + 1 rare 'special':
    NCC-1701 (TOS)
    "All Good Things..." NCC-1701-D
    NCC-1701-E (will be the rare one)
    Prometheus (I'm so excited about this one!)
    Jem'hadar Fighter
    Ferengi Ship

    And I've just pre-ordered them, and you can order it with the Ent E special. Which is a good idea.

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    How much are they? Sounds pretty nice, do they have the first ones still available too?
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    Great find Andy !!!

    Direct link below - 60 bucks for a full set including the Ent-E :

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    Exclamation as always, news of more futuras are both exciting and annoying to this mm fanatic!

    guess i better get tokyo joe on the case again, esp. for the jemha & that multi-vector promdress as always, willing to helpfully trade any extras i end up with, and for that matter will happily take any xtras y'all are stuck with following all such helpful swappage

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    Prometheus ! They're making a Prometheus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just ordered the complete shabang !!!!!!

    So when are Art Asylum going to pick uo on the fact that there is a major demand for Trek Micros?




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    hey hey hey!

    if the domestic lame brains don' wanna meet customer demand, i got no problem turnin' japanese!

    it seems that's the only place i spend my currency these days.

    give the prople what they want!

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    Are these ST ships Micro Machines? Or what are their size?
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    The Furuta are 9 to 12 centimeters long. Much bigger than the Micro-Machines. The other StarTrek serie made by Romando/Yamato is more in scale with the Galoob/Hasbro MM but a little bigger too (average size of 6 to 7 centimeters).

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    I'd be interested in ordering them. Maybe some of you will help me doing that. I have the $ but need the preorder. I'll talk first with a good friend of mine and also member here and we'll see
    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates but doesn't go away
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