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    Any action in Vegas?

    Has anyone found anything new here besides the Yoda clone wars line? I found an Emperor figure at the TRU on Maryland and Flamingo but nothing since then. The main thing I am looking for is the new A-Wing from Target. So far, I have gone to several different Targets over the past 3 weeks and have found nothing. I am seriously considering driving to Barstow or Victorville just to find this. If anyone has any info about where to get this at a Target (not the secondary market) in Vegas, please reply.

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    Come on, there has to be someone from Vegas here. If not, anyone who has passed thru Vegas recently see anything?

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    Last week, the Walmart on Craig, next to Nellis AFB had the Clone Wars Kit Fist and some others...too bad I don't collect Clone Wars figures. I saw brown coat Hoth Han earlier this week in the WM at MLK and Craig, but all the figures are pretty much gone now. The Target on Craig also has a stack of A-Wings. All of their regular figures (Clone Wars and Saga) are on clearance for $3.58...well what's left of them at least. Hopefully the stores will start restocking soon.
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    About four weeks ago I found Ayy, Padme, Elan, Obi-Wan, Bail, and Janus at Super Wal-mart on Sunset Rd. in Henderson. A week later I found Clone Wars Kit, Super Articulated Clone Trooper, and Saesee at the same Walmart and TRU on Sunset & Stephine. Two weeks ago I found Luke (Hoth Attack) at the same Walmart and 3 or 4 days later I found the Hoth Trooper, Kren, R-3PO, and Achk Med-Beq at the same TRU. Last week I found the Wampa, C-3PO with Escape Pod, and Rieekan at both these stores. The last time I saw the A-wing was a couple of months ago at the Target on Sunset and Stephine across from TRU.
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