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    2 clone wars toy questions

    1. Is the deluxe clone with speeder exactly the same as the one let out before.

    and 2.
    where is the best place to you guys to score a ventress and durge over the internet. I have them coming through kebco, but was willing to pay a few extra bucks to get some to open now.

    I kinda wanted to get the set of 4 ventress, mace, obi wan, and durge. has it for $40. I thought I would ask you guys what the cheapest or best deal was that you have seen before I buy these.
    also, have any of you got a durge ventress, obi, or mace clone wars yet. If so, what did you think of them
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    also. have any of you guys ever dealt with and if so are they good peoples.
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    No, keithfite, the CW Deluxe Clone Trooper w/ Speeder Bike has added a missile-firing blaster to the underside of the Speeder. The action figure included, however, is exactly the same as the Saga Deluxe version.

    Several online retailers have posted that the second wave of CW figures are in stock at their warehouses, including Brian's Toys, Planet Action Figure, and Action-HQ. Personally, I've never dealt with any online retailers to get my figures--yet.
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    I have bought stuff from Yestertoys, Brians Toys, E-Toys/KB-Toys, planet action, Kebco and Entertainment Earth.

    Yestertoys - Army Building and additional vehicles to pickup and some new figures... usually ships within a week. non mint means non mint packaging

    Brians' Toys - Fast shipping and pay attention to the description of the item you are purchasing (I live in the same state that BT works from so I got to pay tax as well) but overal a quality experience.

    E-Toys/KB-Toys - Bought the Shuttle from them via a promo code/Ebay Auction, army building from a old clearance sale and also had to pay tax on the item & shipping. Good packaging (sans the stickers on all of the items) and shipping / processed promptly.

    Kebco - Good processing time 1-3 days just like everyone else and good, quality packaging. Ordered a case and got the case repackaged in another box to protect it during transit.... No Tax charge and shipping/handling was fair. - Ordered figures I missed for $2 over retail but packaging was good and shipping was prompt.

    Entertainment Earth - Order a mint and non mint item...shipped promptly on 3 out of 4 orders (took a little longer due to warehouse remodeling) fair amount charged for frieght and both items arrived promptly and in great condition. About 15% over retail but worth it if you are a mint collector, otherwise the non mint stuff for openers comes in better shape than other retailers idea of non mint condition.
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