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    MORE Clone Wars figures/vehicles in 2004?

    According to a post back on 10/13/03 at Artoo's News, The Private Universe is claiming that there will definitely be more Clone Wars stuff from Hasbro in 2004. There was no other info at Artoo's News, and the item had already been removed from TPU. So ... can it be true? Despite what Hasbro has already said publicly, are more Clone Wars figures, sets, and vehicles being planned? And, if that's the case, what might they be planning to make next? Could this just be an expansion of the Target-exclusive animated Clone Wars figures, to include Yoda and a Clone Trooper?

    I've gotta admit, I'd like to see the CW toy lines continued. Based on the images of the upcoming Kit Fisto and Saesee Tiin figures alone, I think the line has more potential than Hasbro initially envisioned. So, I thought this thread might not only give us a chance to post new info on the CW line as it happens, but also to post our CW figure wants.

    Clone Wars figures I'd like to see:

    * Yoda (2nd version): this time without the Hoverplatform and maybe without the stupid battle poncho. Give him a few other accessories than just the lightsaber, too.

    * Aayla Secura: with some nice snap-on armor, a more movie-accurate lightsaber, and maybe even a soft goods cloak.

    * Count Dooku: since he's seen in the Dark Horse comics set in the CW, why not a figure? Give him a few cool accessories--but no more Force lightning, please!
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    I don't know if this is true but my favorite animated version of a character is Dooku based on what I have seen on Cartoon Network. I don't know why Hasbro continues to assume that kids and collectors don't want Yoda and Dooku's. They thought the same thing last year and look at what happened.
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    I love the Clone Wars line. I'd buy anything Hasbro would put out.

    I'd like to see:

    -Any of the Jedi, but make sure eveyone has a headset. I want to be able to make anyone fly a Jedi starfighter.
    -More Jedi starfighter repaints. I don't know why, i just think it'd be cool. They could put little specialized insignias by the cockpits to personalize the ships for each Jedi.
    -ARC trooper captain with red highlights. We've seen him in the CW cartoon, so let's see him action figure form.
    -ARC trooper pilots for the Command gunship
    -Release of the small spider droid. And let's get a version of the big spider droid. And let's get a tank droid while we're at it.

    Hasbro could also do some easy stuff. They could take all the arms and heads and legs of the clone trooper army builder pack and mix and match. Give the arms of the "lying down" trooper to the "standing up" trooper, or something like that. Just makes for a little variey. Or just do a pack with all standing troopers. I know people would buy 'em up like hotcakes.

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    Seen on Cartoon network...clone fighter single pilot ship ....

    Looks Very Cool Indeed and would be a great toy.

    The V-19 Clone fighter is the name but no specs just yet..

    Looks like the predecessor of the B-Wing (maybe just personal speculation)....

    I am sure the EU ppl are going to flip out...
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    I just hope they keep making toys in the regular style. I like the animated, but like mention the new Kit Fisto and other figures in the regular style are great.

    I would like them to focus on the CW comics just as much as the cartoon. I would like to see
    Quinlan Vos
    Red ARC commander
    Any Jedi that come with armor or some new gadgets. I would like to see a clone wars Ki Adi or Plo Koon
    and many from the comics.

    I think all they have made so far are great. and I will buy any they put out
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    it's refreshing to see someone with enthusiasm like seanmcfripp.

    I'd love to see more clone packs!

    Val Da Car, I saw that fighter too. Not only does it look like a precursor to the B-wing but partially an x-wing as well. Notice the slanted wings and even the paint scheme.

    seanmcfripp, the small spider droid is out actually. It was made in Saga packaging and is a wind up toy. Some people don't like that idea, but I really love it. It's a REAL TOY! I haven't bought a wind-up toy of anything for oh....well a really long time. Here's the link to it to see it:

    The Homing spider droid (large one) was supposed to be realized as an Action Fleet vehicle, before Hasbro shut production of the line down. Here's the link to that one:

    As to repaints of Jedi Starfighters, I think we have enough of those for now (IMO). I agree that a Red ARC trooper would be very cool. But, if they never produce it, the light blue one is very easy to custom. Just repaint it and your nearly done. Just that little shoulder pack on the shoulder paulron is different from what I can see.
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    I'd even venture that maybe a nice 3-pack of "battle-damaged" Clone Troopers would go over nicely with the diorama builders. And, they really should make a second Jedi Army 3-pack. This time, though, they could do some of those blink-and-you'll-miss-them background Jedi from AOTC.
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    i would love to see luminara unduli and barris offee redone in the clone wars line, making them more articulated, less posed/scene specific, and with soft goods like the upcoming saesee tinn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal
    seanmcfripp, the small spider droid is out actually. It was made in Saga packaging and is a wind up toy. Some people don't like that idea, but I really love it. It's a REAL TOY! I haven't bought a wind-up toy of anything for oh....well a really long time.
    Dangit...I meant to say "re-release" in my original post. I actually saw the Saga version once at Target and passed for some reason. And then I never saw it again. But thanx for the info and the link. You're right about the wind-up gizmo: very cool. I'd love to have a squad of those little things stomping around and picking off Clone troopers.

    And that V-19 Clone fighter is pretty nifty. Looks like they took the T-16/shuttle Tyderium design and put the top stabilizer on the bottom. It also reminds of the E-Wing for some reason.

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    If Kit Fisto is going to be doing some aquatic about some aquatic clone troopers with little clone fins....swimming around with a little clone scuba gear.....or how about some aquatic battle droids (as ridiculious as that sounds)....a little change in the typical desert/snow/forest battle locations...


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