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    Can anyone post pics of the latest issue with the post-POTF figures. I have been trying to get a copy of the issue in my local stores, but have no luck in ever fiding this magazine.
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    If you go to Gus Lopez's site the Star Wars Collectors Archive and look under the Special Features section of Features, there's an article on what I believe is the same subject. It's titled Star Wars Is Forever: A Look Inside Kenner's Star Wars Plans for 1985 & 1986.
    Its has a lot of Concept Drawing and some mock ups of vehicles. Some of the ideas are pretty off the wall and had they been produced might make some collectors cringe. In any case its worth checking out.
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    Still if anyone knows if the info is different in the magaizne let me know.
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    I got my toy mag from the comic shop I haunt.

    Its only 2 pages of info, and its all old stuff and the same stuff from the site. You're really not missing much and you save 5 bucks for reading a few paragraphs, a modified AT-AT, and the cargo ship snap on, which would have attached to the Falcon, some sketches of luke and Atha Prime which looks exactly like the EU figure of the imperial sentinel, so we know where kennedy got his base from for the dark empire comics. You're not missing much, the website listed above has more information and images than the mag.

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    Thanks for the info and for saving me 5.00
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