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    General Grievous confirmed

    This was taken from a screen capture on the offical site of a page that has not been published. This page was taken down but TFN managed to get a screen capture. The page is a summary of all 20 Clone Wars episodes. Check out episode 20 at the very end.
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    Is there a link?

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    Sorry for not posting this earlier. Look at the very end. #20.
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    That's not a confirmation at all. It's EU. Just because something happens in the cartoons suddenly it's a confirmation of some fan's rambling 'spy report'?

    True lucas will have some elements in the cartoon and the movie coincide but the cartoon is Gendi Tartatovsky's interpretation of events and not a lot to do with the movie currently in production. This to me smacks of the whole EU kerfuffle brought about when a certain red clad extra was seen for about two seconds in episode one and suddenly every fan decided that she would be in episode two playing a majot part because she 'starred' in a comic book.
    Utter nonsense.
    The organic process of filming that Lucas now uses means that anything can or will be manipulated so many times and so easily that characters can be digitally replaced at whim. Whatever lucas thinks works at process beginning may turn into a dud with the beginning of post production and he may not have digi characters locked down until near the completion of the movie.
    The name Grievous is ridiculous for being so literal. It sounds to me that the Lucas ministry of misinformation has been at work to attempt to spoil the spoilers. It's like the whole Blue Harvest thing over again. I seem to recall back then false information was 'leaked' out to the media to waylay and confuse prying 'spies'.
    What is starting to unsettle me is the willingness some folk have to believe anything and everything that TFN say or report. Or for that matter any of the 'news' sites.
    These places are pumped up on their own self importance and egos. Tabloid reporting styles and anonymous tip offs are definately not trustworthy. Or credible.
    As far as I'm concerned this whole movie is sealed inside a vaccuum that none of us will be privy to enter until the seal is broken by LFL themselves.
    It's the finale of the trilogy and therefore security is tight. These so called extras divulging info don't know what they filmed or where it fits in. They don't have access to scripts and if you consider that scripts change daily, movies are shot totally out of synch, principle photography is simply for large scenes where there generally isn't much dialogue, there generally is a lot of noise and a lot of movement. I wouldn't trust anyone's info who only did a days work and can only provide a vague idea of anything that went on during that day. Probably spent most of their time in the extras bus.
    After the leaks from Fox Sydney on AOTC LFL clamped down on security and prosecuted people for theft of storyboards and script etc. They aren't about to let info slip away quietly. They'll now be using tried and trusted staff, script security will be watertight. Storyboards will be safely locked away.
    So any insider scoops in my opinion are LFL trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and having a darn good laugh at the people who take them seriously or simply a case of fans getting very inventive and wanting some sort of kudos boost.

    Back to the cartoons, They're LFL sanctioned but that doesn't mean they're canon officially. An alternate and parallel excursion. The real clone wars happen offscreen mostly. EPIII is the end of the wars. The wars themselves are irrelevent to the saga. Just as the cartoons are to the movies.

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    I think it at the very least confirms that Grievous will be in the Cartoons.
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    Actually, Lucas is using the PT EU as canon to fill in the story he doesnt get to get on film, its pretty much any game,book, comic or otherwise will be taken as CANON! Regardless of non EU lovers, thats just the way it is NOW.

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    Well, if a new character appears on the very last episode, then he'll have something to do with EIII. Besides, we heard that the new bad guy would be in the cartoon, and Asajj dies.
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    Here is a supposed pic from TFN of General Grievous.

    I think it is a big Vader ripoff and will truly, truly hinder Vader's impact for sure. That is of course assuming that all this General Grievous stuff is true.
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