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    So many Lukes, so little Hamill

    Hasbro has produced so many different Luke head sculpts for the 12" line of Star Wars figures. At least eight different, distinct sculpts have been produced.

    1)Collector Series Luke (1st Luke, Bespin Luke, X-wing Luke, Hoth Luke, KB 2 pack Stormtrooper Luke)

    2) Luke Ceremonial

    3) 1st Luke Jedi

    4) Luke Stormtrooper (single release, wet hair)

    5) Luke Tatooine Poncho (in KB 3 pack)

    6) European Luke w/ swinging action (if memory serves, this is a repaint of the ceremonial head. I'm not sure so I'm listing it as separate. Anyone know for sure?)

    7) 100th Luke

    8) Luke on Speederbike (Target...Is this the same sculpt as the 1st Luke Jedi? I'm not sure as I haven't seen him without his head gear)

    9) Dagobah Luke with Yoda

    10) Luke on Taun Taun with scarring. (I'd love to see a shot of this one without the headgear also if anyone feels like posting it.)

    11) New Luke Jedi (Ewok 2-pack wave)

    Some of these come closer to capturing Mark Hamill's likeness than others. However, none seem to "nail it." Hasbro seems to continually miss the Mark (pun intended).

    What sculpt seems to come closest to looking like Mark Hamill to you? Which sculpts are your favorites? Any that you hate?

    I'd have to say that the one in the KB 3-pack looks the most like Mark to me. My favorites are the one in the KB 3 pack, the 100th Luke, and the Taun Taun Luke with scarring.

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    I haven't seen them all in person, but I think the head for the Jedi Luke that came in the FAO set and packaged with the bone is perfect for Hamill circa ROJ. Less perfect is the 100th Luke, but it's still my favorite farmboy Luke.

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    i think the best two sculpts are the 100th luke and the dagobagh luke that came with the yoda 2 pack. unfortunately, both heads are way to big and have very bad paint jobs.

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    Luke ROTJ from the 2pack is my opinion the closest Hamill sculpt to date, and I expect will be for a long time.
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    I have seen all the Lukes your talking about and I definately agree that they have never really nailed his likeness. Still I thing every 12" with exception to Han Endor, Lando Calrissian, Mace Windu (2000 Ep I version) and Count Dooku has been unable to match the head likeness of a human 12" Character.
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    Yes, Hasbro has been very lax in making a decent 12-inch version of Luke, despite over a dozen different figures of him! Yet, look at the recent figures of Padme, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and various others where they had the advantage of RealScan technology and still couldn't come up with decent head sculpts! So, I'm really not all that surprised at their inability to make a decent 12" Luke. When I see a decent sixth-scale Padme, then I might have just a bit of hope for a Luke figure.
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    Yeah, that's true about Hasbro rarely nailing the human character likenesses. It's just that they've tried so many times with Luke. I do like the ROTJ Jedi Luke head sculpt as well. I guess I'm still waiting for the definitive Luke from ANH, when we were first introduced to the character and Star Wars, in general.

    It's too bad that Hasbro can't hire some of the Sideshow head sculptors on a freelance basis. I've always felt like Hasbro's costumes on their 12-inchers were top-notch. However, since the head sculpt on a figure seems to be at least 85% of "pulling off" the character, Hasbro just seems to be lacking more often than not. It seemed like things were turning around with great head sculpts like Jango and Dooku, but then we get the other end of the spectrum with the most recent Han Solo sculpt. I don't understand why they released that figure with that headsculpt when they have other Solo sculpts that are much closer...although none come very close, in my opinion. Perhaps we will get great sculpts on the figures where Realscan is possible and horrible ones on the figures that it isn't (ie. circa 1977 Harrison Ford).

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    Without a doubt the Luke jedi from the Fao 2 pack! That is near perfect likeness.
    Every now and then Hasbro gets a good sculpt like that, but then, for some reason, do away with it and make a new and worse sculpt for the next figure.

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    To bad that such a well sculpted likeness would only make an appearance in such a limited run.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhaust Port
    To bad that such a well sculpted likeness would only make an appearance in such a limited run.
    The same head is used in the general-release single-boxed version, the one that comes with the bone. That one was released in mass quantities, I've bought a few for body-swapping for under $10.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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