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    The Eye

    I'm looking into buying this film on dvd and I'm seeking opinions. It's an Asian film with subtitles and it's about a woman who is given vision through a corneal transplant. She can now see for the first time in her life and she's seeing more than the usual. In other words, she's seeing ghosts. So now you got this person who is seeing the world for the first time and she might have an inability to tell the difference between what are real people and what are ghostly images. ooooo, spooky. I don't know if that last part I said is an actual plot point or not, it's just observation on my part from what I've read.

    Next, the girl goes out to find the donor her cornea's came from. Well, I guess she isn't going to find the donor, but find out who the person was to maybe find out if she had a "sixth sense." I hear the last 45 minutes of the movie are a real fun ride! That's all I know about the film, and I thought maybe some of you other horror fans here have seen the film so you could provide opinions on it. Discuss!

    (I'm thinking this thread may generate more questions about the film than answers from people who have seen it, but hey, that's better than getting zero replies at all, right?)
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    JBFF- I read a review about this flick (might've been at rolling stone's web site) or some general movie site and they gave it pretty good reviews. They say it's scarier and more of a "spine tingler" than the Sixth Sense. The trailer looked pretty good too. Try Bloody Disgusting to see if they have any reviews, as i'm sure you tried this anyway. I think it looks pretty fantastic, so i'll be lookin' forward to your review of the film once you get a review of the film to see if you should buy it.
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    I'm thinking I might get it for Christmas, Guyute. I had the family retrieve the Indy trilogy, and I thought that might make a Christmas present for me, but I guess it won't now because it's been opened and watched while I sit here at Ohio State. Already played with presents are no fun, so I think I'll drop some hints to the family and friends that Brian wants to see the Eye on dvd. I'll have the review for Christmas when this thread is on page 5 of these forums . . .

    I said boo to the family idea and decided to order it myself. I'll give a review in roughly a month when I'm home for Thanksgiving. Until then!
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    Well, I watched the film yesterday morning. I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would. Is it a terrifying film? Not so much. I could think of maybe three parts where I'd call it frightening. There's some good imagery, especially how Death is portrayed in the movie as a shadowy figure.

    The story was not anything new, a girl is given the ability to see ghosts after having a cornea transplant. Her experiences with the ghosts are the best parts of the movie, and the elevator scene was one of the best parts of the movie. For maybe the last 30-40 minutes of the movie, the story changes focus and it becomes about the search for the story behind the girl these corneas came from. The movie slows down here, with less ghost experiences but you do get the full story behind the girl the corneas were taken from.

    The ending was better than I expected after reading some reviews of the film. I felt the ending was perfect, but if I say what happened then the ending's ruined. Just don't read any further if you don't want a minor spoiler.

    It involves lots of people in their cars and a large explosion. I'm glad it ended the way it did with most of the people dying in the explosion instead of being saved, as I felt there would be some kind of happy ending to it where everyone would live. That's the end of the spoiler.

    But overall, if you enjoy ghost stories then you'd more than likely enjoy this film. It's subtitled, but don't let that turn you off from watching it.
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    I've heard this was a good film but haven't had the chance to see it yet. It sounds like a cross between the movie Body Parts and The Sixth Sense. I love well crafted horror films so it's on my need to see list. I heard somewhere that Tom Cruise's production company bought the rights to produce an American version.
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