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    Lightbulb more vehicles please!

    i would love to see more vehicles for saga and clone wars, i think the AT-TE would be a great toy to have, and the republic dropship craft that deploys the heavy weapons into battle would be cool. a droid dropship (the one that looks like a H from episode one), a good gungan sub. amidalas ship from episode 2, clone trooper starfighter from the up coming cartoon, it looks awsome. these are a few i could think of please consider,

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    uh....yeah....sorry i can't help you with that.

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    Well first let me welcome you to the boards. Someone will be along offering you a gift basket of somekind soon

    Anyways, more vehicles are always welcome to me. I really did not care for most of the vehicles released yet. I got Slave 1, only because I never hasd one as a kid. I want the Gunship but havent had money. I also havent seen the Halfire Droid.

    I would love to see more vintage ships as well as current. Playsets as well, but thats another thread.
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