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    Come On Down!!!1

    Rod Roddy went to the great announcers booth in the sky.
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    Too bad. I hate the guy they got who would fill in for Roddy when he would miss tapings of the show.
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    RIP Rod. You will always be the best Price is Right announcer!
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    I was surprised to read that he was only the announcer for the last 17 years. I thought he was there from almost the beginning. I wonder if the show would take a different slant besides his "Come on down!" line so that his replacement doesn't feel too pressured.
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    Enjoy the Showcase in the Sky, Rod.
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    Johnny Olson was the announcer for TPIR for about a zillion years prior to Rod Roddy replacing him upon his demise. (Being a lot older than you, I remember these things!

    TPIR was on in the late 50's when I was but a wee (WHEE!) lad. Bill Cullen was the host and the format was nothing like it is now. That was in the days of when a $100 prize was like winning the Holy Grail.

    Geez, I'm old.....
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    When I heard the preliminary on the radio I thought they were going say Bob Barker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scruffziller
    When I heard the preliminary on the radio I thought they were going say Bob Barker.
    Well Bob turns 80 very soon, and is still going strong. For his age, he is still very keen and his trademark humor has not changed one iota. But for those who have watched the show over the past couple of years, you do notice the signs of old age creeping in, like hearing loss and occasional senior moments (although he at 80 is allowed a few).

    Rod will be missed. His outlandish sequined suits and booming voice were a staple of The Price Is Right. As TeeEye mentioned, this is the 2nd announcer, TPIR has had, Johnny Olsen passed away in 1985.

    Rod before he became announcer of the show was a disc jockey, who had a stint in a couple of different places including here in Western New York. He was also announcer to one of my favorite game shows, Press Your Luck, and did both TPIR and Press Your Luck at the same time. Rest in peace Rod.
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