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    NEW 2004 Figure Pics!!!

    Holographic Luke Skywalker looks awful, but the others are AWESOME!

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    Yeah, whats up with the Luke Holograph? Does this mean the regular Luke jedi is gonna be wierd looking too?

    The Lando rules!!

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    Uh, i think the regular Luke will be alright, since it's not, ya know a holograph!

    These figures all look fantastic and FINALLY, Lando is finally given his true pimp-daddy glory!!! Jabba looks awesome!! Can't wait for 04, gonna be a good year!
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    i thought the holo luke was good, actually. the color makes it more movie accurate than the generic blue used for the other holo/spirit figs. everything looks pretty good, though, this looks like it is going to be an expensive, but rewarding, upcoming year.

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    those look really cool. I think luke holograph is great. Its a different way of making the holo people. It looks like a good change. I like all the holograph figures and their colors. But this is a cool alternative of the figures
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    I think they all look great. I'm really looking forward to next year as long as stuff is easier to find than it was early this year. Otherwise, it's going to be the most frustrating year yet.

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    Awesome stuff, but the holo Luke looks kinda sick. I don't know, I've been disappointed by photos of some figures in the past, only to find I like them when they are released.
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    Everything looks fantastic. My least favorite being the holo luke, it doesn't look terrible, but it's just not a figure that interests me. I thought the plain Jedi Luke was gonna be in this wave. It hasn't been replaced by the holo luke has it?

    Great to see some new aliens though, and I loved the original skiff lando, but this one totally blew it out of the water, fantastic looking. I can't wait to get a good palace diorama going

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    Did everyone notice though how the Elom and Whiphid are the same with exception to their head!

    It's the same body just different paint application and some strange thing going on by the abdomens.

    Hasbro is still going with the cheap reusable body, like they are with Faytonni/Med-Bek

    Still nice to see some new aliens. Jabba looks great IMO.

    BUBO!!!!! the frog dog!! It's about time for this one!

    Holo Luke DOES look sickly IMO. Still I'll be a sucker and get him anyway.

    Some nice some just okay and one bad one. Well at leas Hasbro is mixing it up...
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    Luke looks odd, why does he come with a lightsaber? He's kind of cool, I'll get him though. He's the same sculpt as the regular Jabba's Palace Luke, which will come out like a month before or something.

    That Lando is freakin' awesome! I didn't think they could improve upon the first one, but I guess I was wrong. I like them all, really. This is going to be a great year for Star Wars!
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