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    What do you think of Hasbro's offerings now?

    We have:

    Army Builder 3-packs

    Screen Scenes that pretty much give you all-new, never-made-before figures

    Characters from Jabba's Palace we'd never had before like the Elom and Rappertunnie

    New droids like R1-G4 that we've always wanted

    Political leaders like Imp Dignitary, Bail Organna, Riekeen, Dodonna, more

    Deluxe Figures with accessories like the Wampa Cave and Escape Pod

    Super-articulated figures like the upcoming Luke Jedi, and a clonetrooper

    Unleashed characters picked from the Classics, like Han Solo and Chewbacca

    More Ewoks

    Vehicles like the Hailfire Droid, Geonosian Fighter, and a full-size EU fighter

    Re-releases of the harder to find ones like the AAT tank, and the Gunship being kept on the shelves for X-mas

    Re-released figures, like the best of Han, Leia, Darth Maul, Jango Fett, etc., so that production is not all-consumed with remaking Han in his black vest, or Maul in his only outfit

    So what do you think about Hasbro now?
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    I would have to say that i am pleased. My only complaint being that i cant find the Walmart value packs. Ive been able to get just about everything else ive wanted. I think it is safe to say the drought of figures is over at least where im at.
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    Quality over Quantity. That's all I can say. Just because they're giving the stuff that would sell doesn't mean it has the quality to actually do such.

    And their distribution still sucks.
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    Heck, I don't know if things have ever been this good. Seriously.

    R1-G4 is the most excited I have been about any toy in ages!
    (And now he is coming packed with a Jawa of some sort! Yippee!)

    Jedi Luke looks to be amazing. (Love that vintagey cloth cape.)

    Threepio is coming with the long awaited Escape Pod. . . (Woo! Hoo!)

    And the Hoth stuff and Jabba's Palace wave have me drooling.

    Yes, indeed. Things are definitely looking up!

    (Now if we'd just get OFFICIAL word that the Sandcrawler is picked up.
    I could really be out dancing in the toy aisles.)

    Yes, in a word, I am very impressed.

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    hasbro's stuff looks great, i am amazed that the previews for the upcoming figs are from the same toy company that gave us not one, but three horrible ep. 2 obi wan's (still reserving judgment on the night club obi, that left arm looks kinda goofy)! i still wish they would use a consistent pattern of articulation, but this stuff looks like what we have wanted since the modern line started.

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    The hard part about all those new figures will be finding them.

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    Overall I'm impressed as well. Its as if Hasbro actually listened to what the collectors wanted and decided to give it a try. I love the whole theme based assortments coming next year and plan on spending way to much money on this stuff . It could be the best year ever and IMO they've turned the line around already with the current Saga and CW assortments. Good Job Hasbro, now lets get that ditribution problem fixed so everyone can have the opportunity to find what they want at retail and enjoy their hobbie. Its a good time to be a collector of SW toys and we might look back in the years to come and say it didn't get any better than that.
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    I'm liking most of what Hasbro has set out on our collecting table. I just hope I can get the full meal, and not the leftover table scraps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LTBasker
    Quality over Quantity. That's all I can say. Just because they're giving the stuff that would sell doesn't mean it has the quality to actually do such.

    And their distribution still sucks.
    I'm with LT on this all the way. Some of the new figs are really poorly made, but many are awesome. They have terrible distribution problems, but I am confident that with the new selections they are making shelf movement and purchasing desires of retails will spike back up again. I pretty much knew that 2004 would be a collectors year. It is after all, congruent with the POTJ line, but the POTJ line was consistant for a whole year. I will agree with Mark2D2 that this will become the best line ever as long as they keep their consistancy.

    I'm getting my wallet ready to buy stuff! :happy: :happy:
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    If I can actually find any of this stuff, I'll be happy. However, here it is, almost November 2003, and I still have yet to find any of the Clone Wars wave 2 figures anywhere! Also, if the Scene Packs continue to go for $20, I'll have to pray that they eventually turn into shelf-cloggers and get reduced before I can afford to get 4-6 of those suckers every year.
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