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    Wink OT: new addition to my collection

    This addition arrived on Friday, October 24th. Her name is Samantha. She doesn't have many play features, but I expect her to develop some in the coming months. My time around these parts is already reduced, and sure to be even more reduced now. But that's okay. She's worth it.

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    all the best to you & your family! she's cute as a button.
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    she's gorgeous!!!!!!!!

    is she your 1st child?

    i miss the days of watching my kids grow in wonderment at each new thing they discovered while young.

    not that they're old and jaded now at ages 8 & 9, but there is something magical about a childs 1st 5 years. cherish and enjoy these coming years, they will be your finest!!!!!!!!!
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    Wink a class of collectible too rich for my blood, alas

    and i imagine, despite the investment potential, also too much trouble
    all i can think is, how's this gonna affect your attendance at future vtffs

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    Hi Haggie,

    Congratulations to you and the mother !!!

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    Man, you really should avoid getting your collectibles from scalpers, the markup on something like this has got to be a killer.

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    Thanks, all.

    Yes, she is our first. And I'm sure she will make it even harder to get to a VTtime (seeing how I've never been able to make it before having the kid).

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    Cheers, haggie.
    Always be a good example to her!
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    Congratulations Haggie

    How many Action Fleet points did you have to save up for this mail-away?


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