Just wondering if anyone else is a fan of that show I just can't get enough of.
Now that the first season has concluded I can say that no tv show has ever had a hold on me like this. The acting and writing are spectacular with each episode blowing me away.

I guess I just love how original this show is. Most shows present things in black & white -- here is the good guy you cheer for and this is the bad guy you root against. Nip/Tuck seemed to start that way with Dylan Walsh as the good guy surgeon and Julian McMahon as the bad guy, but as the stories developed, you see that Walsh's Dr McNamara isn't all that good and McMahon's Dr Troy has a lot of reasons for the bad things he does. In other words there is no black & white, it is all GRAY! The marital problems, work problems, and so on are all played off so brilliantly in such a way that you don't know if you should root for the character or be glad that they got what they deserved.

I think this follow's in FX's line of ground-breaking shows such as the ill-fated but great Son of the Beach and the award winning The Shield. IMO Nip/Tuck surpasses what was done with The Shield and deserves some Emmy's.

Anyone else have their 2 cents about the show?