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    Non-Completist Collector Support Group


    My name is Tycho, and I'm a non-completist. The politically correct term is "selective consumer," but let's face it: that doesn't really describe a person who has overcome obsessive-compulsive disorders.

    The purpose of this support group is to provide a home for those victimized by Hasbro, and their partners in corporate crime, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Kay-Bee, K-mart, several online retailers, e-Bay, and others.

    Here you can list what you are NOT buying and why, to help others overcome and gain strength from the sharing.

    I will begin by hereby taking the pledge to not buy:

    Any and all Clone Wars Animated Figures: I think they look like cute, but I should get a whole happy meal with them, or not even bother.

    12" Obi-Wan. I have 2 of the 1996, and they are superior even for then!

    12" Jawa 2-pack. I got a little rodent. There's more to the SW universe than a bunch of these guys. Do a "purchase of the droids scene" with your 3 3/4". Don't need Jawas here.

    Saga Emperor Palpatine - having an action figure from Jenny Craig and Beyond is not my idea of fun. He's a little too strange, and too much a resculpt to be needed by me.

    Durge on his Swoop Bike - unless this vehicle starts appearing in cool EU stuff I want to recreate with my toys, I doubt I'll need it.

    12" Leia on Speederbike - Barbie's smile has no place in a SW collection. Furthermore, the 12" lets you have 2 riders on a bike, so I will wait in hopes of a single-box Leia Endor, with a new face sculpt. Leia doesn't smile (that often). Get it?

    Kit Fisto Swimming. Unless this scene turns out to be totally cool. If it's possible to pose him neutral, and put a Jedi Cloak on him so you can't tell he's half-naked, he might be useful for Palpatine's Office scenes... That remains to be seen.

    SaeSee Tiin Pilot - ditto. I don't think I'm going to create EU scenes with ships. I have about 3 extra SS T's as it is right now (1 POTJ, 2 Saga). I'm good on Tiin.

    Anakin Skywalker's starfighter - ditto, but I'm breaking down here. It's pretty cool.

    Luke Hologram. I'm not really doing that scene from Jabba's Palace. I'm doing the scene where he draws the gun on Jabba. That's cooler. I think the hologram's cool, but I don't need it.

    Lando Skiff Guard (Saga) - got 2 in my scenes. Don't need a new one. The old one's a great figure!

    Destroyer Droid Launcher - uh, just to get 1 rolled up droid for my scenes isn't worth it. If they do an accessory set and include these, that'd be hot.

    Anyway, I think that's it. I'm weak in some places in my commitment, but I recognize that, and with your help, the help of my group, my community, I can overcome!

    Yes, we shall all overcome!
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    look deep into my eyes, you will not break down and buy these toys, you will not break down and buy these toys...oooohhh, aaahhh

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    Hi, my name is Sal and I'm a non-completist.

    I pledge to not buy the repacked figures. Including but not limited to Gold Saga Han, Leia, Maul and C-3PO.

    I will fight the urge to buy the new Lando Skiff, but I'm towing the line with that one.

    I already succumbed to the Darkside and bought the hideous new Emperor. Please forgive me. I was weak...

    I will not buy anymore single carded Clone Wars figures when I can get a better deal on the Bonus packs.

    I will only buy ONE of Anakin's Starfighter and open it!

    I know there's more but that's all I can think of at the moment.
    Move along, move along

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    Your courage has shown me great strength.

    I will also pledge not to buy the repacks.

    I've already been only searching for the 2-packs with bonus Clones for my 1st asst. of CW figures. I might buy 1 more ARC Trooper on the single card, but will give it some time to see if the Bonus Packs surface some more.

    I also don't require:

    Holiday Yoda
    Silver Clone Trooper (or any silver figures for that matter)

    And I pledge to stay off of Hasbro's e-Bay auction thing unless they offer an Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn, or some new characters that I don't yet have options to get at retail - like J'Quille or something.

    Oh, I also pledge to cut a deal with someone who wants an extra B'Omarr Monk, to split the cost so that I can just get Bubo and the other thing.

    I've also not bought the Hoth Pack because I only want the TaunTaun and Luke.

    And I have not bought the Bounty Hunter pack because I only want Aurra Sing's swoop bike.

    And I never bought the Imperial Forces multi-pack because I don't need any more of those figures.
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    Wow, there really are Freaky non-completist. It's you guys that let the figures warm the pegs! Down with the NC'c, I SAY!!!!!!!
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    Hi,I'm InsaneJediGirl,and I'm not a completist (All : Hi)

    I dont plan on buying any repacks,Pilot Tiin,Holiday Yoda,Sliver Clonetrooper(Its hideous),12" Leia & 12" Jawas,Durge on Swoop..Although I am leaning towards not buying a single-carded verison,I'll have to wait to see how low they'll goI really cant think of much else,since the Lando Skiff and Holographic Luke are nice
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    Now that's a scary Avatar JediGirl!!!!!!!!!
    [FONT=Tahoma]I was born at night, but not last night.[/FONT]
    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
    (Like my posts)

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    Thank you Turbowars.Rabid Amanaman is quite nice as well
    Treat your stepmother with respect Pantera, or you'll be sleeping in the streets!!

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    Does a non completist count if you just can't afford "everything" needed to make you a completist? I would fall under that category. Also, I can't always find certain figures. Tonight was a good example, I was going through eBay listings, and found the Han and Tauntaun beast pack, not the 12" ones mind you, the smaller version. Well up until I saw that, I never knew it existed (as far as I can remember). I try to be a completist in the 3 3/4" and 12" figures, but only as much as I can afford.
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    No BobaBrett: you're faking!

    I've consulted Miss Cleo about you and after spending some time on her 976 line, I've learned this about you:

    you're only hiding behind an incomplete collection!

    Your actual desire is to get your hands on every piece of SW merchandise that you already know or never knew existed!

    Your true motivation for increasing your income is to buy all the plastic that you didn't know existed and that was shaped into little Star Wars forms.

    Yes, your real heart is shaped like a lightsaber. Don't think we can't tell!

    You're trying to find out what we're not buying, only because you then think you will be able to purchase more of it - without the competition!

    The Han Solo and TuanTaun is a nice piece, but you admitted you were scrounging on e-Bay looking for more and more things to buy.

    More, more, more. Does it ever end?

    You see, you must recognize your addiction before it is the end of you.

    I've seen people lie, cheat, steal, maim others, maybe even kill other Christmas shoppers for an Ephant Mon.

    But once you start on the dark path, you might even find yourself going that far over a Darth Maul .0000 variant! Then where would you be!

    You must confront this denial you create within you. You must learn control. Resistance. Balance.

    Face the truth: Repacks Suck! - and how many freakin' Twi'Lek dancing girls do we really need?

    (well, OK, she's kinda hot, so I'm buying that one, but really...)

    Make it stop before you end up like others here and own a Jango Fett Kamino Escape with the little gold edge to the card - LIKE IT'S ANY DIFFERENT FROM THE ONE YOU BOUGHT LAST YEAR!

    Stop! Before you go crazy! We'll try to help you if we can - but we're all sick here. It's the most I can do to try and get a little better every day.

    Oh hopelessness, oh despair, oh no! Not another ARC Trooper variation!
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