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    Shaak-Ti Killed, and How... (also how our other action figures die...)

    TFN reports that Shaak-Ti is killed by General Grevious who stabs her with her own lightsaber.

    Meanwhile, amongst other Jedi we have action figures for:

    Mace Windu - killed by combo attack of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Sidious. A tremendous battle, basically confirmed. This is when Palpatine reveals himself and Anakin must choose sides! I take it, this is before he faces Obi-Wan.

    Plo Koon - rumored to be killed commanding battle tanks when Clones turn on him, killing him in not-so-friendly-fire. Too bad if we don't see him in a saber duel!

    SaeSee Tiin - not sure. A pilot, probably shot down, perhaps with Clone treachery? He's another one I'd like to see in a saber duel.

    Adi Gallia -unknown. She is also a Corellian pilot though. Perhaps a starfighter battle? And she's yet another one I'd like to see in a saber duel.

    Eeth Koth - unknown. Some say he died at Geonosis. This is only a possible clue or mistake in a Del Rey info source book. We don't know yet. Guess what? I'd like to see him in a saber duel, too!

    Even Piel - unknown. Maybe somebody strikes him in his blind spot?

    Oppo Rancisis - perhaps he gets his tail tangled in his chair and starves to death. Actual death, unknown. I'd like to see him fight though. It'd be interesting. I make my figure stand up high on his tail and give him lightsabers in every hand! (that's 4 baby!) Oppo could be really cool if you use your imagination.

    Depa Billaba - has been committed to psychiatric care since the Harun Kal Crisis. She might be slaughtered by Anakin in his rage. Somebody should put her out of her misery anyway. She is a clinical depression victim now, and no longer a member of the Jedi Council, possibly no longer a Jedi Master. She was pronounced unfit to stand trial. She betrayed the Jedi and attempted to kill Mace, her former master. She is unlikely to be seen in Episode III.

    (Yaddle, Yarael Poof, Coleman Trebor are all dead. Killed before or during Geonosis).

    Ki-Adi Mundi - unknown. Hopefully gets a great lightsaber fight!

    Yoda - doesn't die in this movie. Lives to plunder Luke Skywalker's x-wing cargo on Dagobah.

    Kit Fisto - death unknown. Likely does NOT drown.

    Luminara Undulli - is blown up in a clothing department or hunted down because she didn't pay her Bloomingdale's card. She may die before E3 (see below)

    Bariss Offee - dies with her Master on the same bill. (actually unknown) Maybe she's a Knight by now. Heard they will have a MAster -Apprentice destiny in the CW cartoon, so they might be dead before E3.

    Aayla Secura - is saved by Coruscant's comic book industry that paid off Palpatine so that the industry can continue to publish sexy Twi'Lek slave girl covers. Actually, rumor is, she got close to Dooku who was getting a little lonely out there running galactic revolutions by himself, but she didn't know that Dooku hears voices from his mom, and he kills her in a startling but sexy shower scene. (actual death unkown)

    Nikto Jedi - probably lives because everyone forgets about him. Rumor has it, he survived, and is still suing the galactic judicial department for his pension. But nobody's ever heard of him. (actual death unknown)

    Howard the Duck Jedi - actually lives but is assasinated years later in a celebrity stalking incident prompted by the failure of his acting career. (Actual death unknown)

    Jedi Younglings - slaughtered by Anakin who thinks ever short person looks like a Tusken Raider kid. Afterall, he doesn't know what they look like under their bandages. They cut out the scene with the fate of the Ugnaughts in ESB because they wanted to keep the 1980 film PG.

    EU Jedi:

    Tholme - retired as a Sabaac Player. Too smart to get caught. (actual death unknown)

    Quinlan Vos - opened a harem on Ryloth. (actual death unknown)

    A'Sharad Hett - check out the details of the hood ornament on Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. (actual death unknown)

    The Dark Woman - killed by Vader almost just before ANH. Her last words were "It took you eighteen years????"
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    That would be very unfortunate for Kit if he did not know how to swim when they assigned him his CW mission.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar
    That would be very unfortunate for Kit if he did not know how to swim when they assigned him his CW mission.
    Stupid boy forgot whenther he swam with his head or with his arms and legs.
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    Think we'll get a line of dead Jedi figures? They could do multi-packs, with 3 dead Jedi corpses to a blistercard! If the Jedi in question are shown "disappearing," then throw in the "ghost" version, too!
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    Very cute reading. But how many of these jedi are we going to see in ES III beside mace, yoda, Ani, and Obi-Wan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thespar
    Very cute reading. But how many of these jedi are we going to see in ES III beside mace, yoda, Ani, and Obi-Wan.

    I do not think we'll ever get to see Oppo in action baby! It would be a nightmare to coordinate his movements. Maybe he actually stabbed himself accidently. Got alittle bit in a tangle. Ya know.
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