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    Thanks, jjr! I only paid $20 or more for two issues ($35 for #107 and got ripped off for #68, the Boba Fett "origin" issue for $20), so I took my time (#99 cost me $3.36 for a fine copy when I could've bought it years ago for over $15).

    I still need about 11 of the Ewoks and all the Droids except for 1-3, and there's no way I can get started on Dark Horse SW comics this late in the game. I just wait for TPBs.
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    yesterday my copies of Ultimate X-Men 40 and Uncanny X-Men 440 came in the mail. Both were awesome. I'm really liking Austins work on Uncanny, it's awesome. I love the whole Romeo and Juliet feel of the story.

    With Ultimate X-Men, Bendis is like a frickin god. Everyting he does is superb. I still have yet to pic up Ultimate 6 number 7, and hope to d so tomorow at my comic shop.
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    Bel-Cam, just in case you're thinking about trying to pick up any of the older Dark Horse stuff - I'm in possession of nearly all of the first three years worth (minus the first prints of the original Dark Empire). The only series' I had any particular affinity for were the Tales of the Jedi run and the Rogue Squadron stories. The rest would be eligible to be moved at an extremely fair price.

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    The Pulse #1 (written by the writer of Ultimate Spidey & Ultimate X)
    Daredevil #57
    Star Wars Republic #61
    Uncanny X-Men #440
    New X-Men #153
    Superman: Secret Identity #2
    Superman/Batman #6
    Runaways #12
    DC: The New Frontier #2

    I'm going out of town, so I'm waiting to read them all on the plane.
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    New Comics(2/18/04)
    Secret War 1
    Pulse 1
    Superman/Batman 6
    Teen Titans 8
    New X-Men 153
    Batman Gotham Knights 50
    Action 812
    Adventures 625
    New Mutants 9
    Daredevil 57
    Uncanny X-Men

    Secret War. More bombastic writing by the omni present Bendis. This time he gives SHIELD honcho Nick Fury the spotlight. And asks the intriguing question of how and why petty criminals can afford expensive techno battle suits and the maitenance on them as well. The next five issues will answer in the witty Bendis style. ohhh...too bad about Killer Shrike.

    Pulse. Bendis again. Bagley's art seems wrong for this project. Don't get me wrong, I like Bags. Ever since ASM and his work in Ult Spidey is fabtastic, but this just seems...I don't know. Like his quintessential "comic" style clashes with the down to earth style pace of the storyline. Just a bunch of people in regular clothes hanging out in the Daily Bugle newsroom talking about super heroes just wastes Bagley's talent. And WHO IS THE DEAD WOMAN? At first I thought it was Jessica. Then I thought that's an Avengers ID card, so maybe it's Janet Van Dyne or the Black Widow, but they wouldn't kill either of them who is it?

    SuperBat. An epic conclusion to the first storyline!!! President Lex's downfall. Giant SuperBat spaceships! I firmly believe now more than ever that Jeph Loeb is using the entire DC milieu to laugh at his readers. At least Metallo didn't turn out to be Martha and Thomas Wayne's killer. I can't wait for the Pat Lee issue next month.

    Teen Titans. More Titan goodness from Johns and TOM GRUMMET! Hurrah!!! Tom on a Titans book is just the right thing to do. Didn't much like Mammoth and Tom Thumb (or whatever his name is) from the Fearsome Five just happening to be the villains. Can the Titans get some new villains please? Pretty please?

    New X-Men. Silverstri, AKA mutant illustrating god draws pretty X-Men pictures. So go buy it now.

    Gotham Knights. I was gonna pick this up since it was supposed to be the LAST bane story ever. I guess I missed a month since this is instead a continuation of the Lee/Loeb Hush story from last year's Batman run. Except without Lee or Loeb. I must say, even without those two, it was still a pretty good read. The Joker thing with the photo album was VERY intriguing. The art was lean and tight in a good way. This is much better than that Azarello crap in regular Batman. Definitely getting next issue.

    Action/Adventures. The Mike Turner/Joe Kelly Godfall story in the Superbooks is pretty good. I was impressed by Caldwell's pencils inside. Almost as good as Turner's covers.

    New Mutants. I'm glad I stuck with this series. It's getting much better with this second story arc. Rahne 'Wolfsbane" Sinclaire returns (leaving only Cannonball and Sunspot to show up now). The interaction between all the classmates is great. I hope they don't turn this into another super team book. the way they've got it now is a breath of fresh air. Bonus point: Wolverine is nowhere to be found....

    Daredevil. Whoop! Bendis again! Seriously. the guy is awesome at writing dialogue and at creating refreshing storylines. They should clone him and have him write ALL Marvel books.
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    New Comics(2/25/04)

    Amazing Spidey 504
    Avengers 494
    Batman 624
    GIJoe 27
    JLA 93
    Punisher 3
    Superman 202
    Transformers G1 V3 2
    Ultimate Fantastic Spectacular Superior Nifty Four 3
    Wizard 150

    Back Issues

    A bunch of Alias comics at half off cover, which I haven't read yet.

    ASM. JMS just needs to get his Doc Strange thing going so he can quit doing all this magic hokum in Spidey's flagship title. I like the idea of Loki doing "good", but PLEASE just toss a few classic rogues into the book. PLEASE.

    Avengers. What happened to Coipels? Bring Oliver back!!! I think Austen COMPLETELY miswrote Captain America being all unsure about what to say to the children. But I liked the comfrontation between the others about Hank's spousal abuse. That was intense. And then Hawkeye went and got his keister handed to him by the wrecking crew. Other than the lack of pretty drawings by Oliver Coipels it was a pretty good ish.

    Batman. Well, we finally get somewhere with this whole Angel thing. I think Broken City could've been a three parter. This issue was good, but it doesn't make up for the crappy last three issues and I'll be glad to see Azzarello move on and Winick get his turn in two months. And WHEN is the Hush follow up by Loeb and Lee? They said it was after this run, but now Lee is on Supes for a year. ARRRRGH!!!

    GIJoe. Seeley's covers always look FLAT. Especially compared to the other lush covers on the racks these days. I don't like it. And next months looks just as uninspired. The inside was good though. I liked the confrontation of Snake-Eyes' radical behavior. Duke and Hawk giving him the proverbial hand slap. It's cool to see that Jerwa isn't afraid to take the SUPER NINJA down a notch and remind us this is a team military book. Very nice. And T'jbang of Ninja Force returns! HA HA HA! Sweet.

    JLA. Honestly this whole three parter just seems filler until Tenth Circle begins next month. And the art was/is atrocious.

    Punisher. Another solid issue. I thought the art was a little weaker from the two previous issues, then I realized it was Tom Palmer ruining it with his heavy handed blobbing of ink all over Larosa's pencils. Palmer covers everything with a layer of inky mediocrity. He did it on Avengers for decades and now that he's fallen into a pattern on Punisher he'll be doing it here. So now I'm relying on Ennis more than ever to keep me reading this book. The third cool cover in a row.

    Superman. Another good issue from Turner, Kelly , and Caldwell. I like the new Super-suit. It's tough to redefine an iconic look and it never lasts, but the whole red black and silver thing is pretty sweet. If they ever made a DC Direct figure of Kal-El in this get up I'd snag one.

    Transformers. Honestly, this book is confusing. And i think it's because they have to many characters doing too many things and they don't keep us in touch with them enough. I keep wondering whats going on with Jazz and the others and I realized I'm not even sure where they are or whats happening to them. Is it too hard to give us a panel or six to see that part of the story line? Or Megatron? I'll probably have toi sit down and reread 0,1,and 2 again. But I don't have to do that with any other series I read and I shouldn't have to do it here.

    Ultimate 4 ( as it should have been titled). Awesome. Wicked. Neato. Dare I say it? FANTASTIC. And finding out Warren Ellis is jumping onboard with issue 7 is just sweet. And Stu Immonen on pencils! Sweet! Hmmmmm...Sweet! I just needed to add that other Sweet because it would be sweet to say sweet a bunch of times when talking about this mag. Remember when there was this other cool Ultimate book called The Ultimates? That was sweet too. But I bought issues 1-11 in like a two week period, then I had to wait four months for the 12th issue and now its gonna take another six months for the last issue to come out. Then we should see the first issue of the new series come out in 2008. Not so sweet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternal Padawan
    New Comics(2/25/04)
    Transformers. Honestly, this book is confusing. And i think it's because they have to many characters doing too many things and they don't keep us in touch with them enough.
    Thanks for the updates. This is the whole reason I dumped all of the new Transformers titles. It is confusing. It's extremely difficult to keep track of who is doing what, and the art work doesn't help. The colors are nice, but some panels it was just tough to figure out what the heck was going on.
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    New Comics(3/3/04)

    GIJoe Reborn
    Thanos 7
    SuperBat 7
    Supreme Power 8
    Captain America and the Falcon 1
    Uncanny X-Men 442
    Alias 28

    Reborn. I liked the introduction of the characters. Except uber enigma Snake Eyes. Like its just this random ninja who seems to be running around and nobody notices? How could you not notice somebody on the helicoptor with you?

    Thanos. Keith Giffen and Ron Lim quietly take over the title from Starlin. I remember Giffen from Justice League and Lobo years ago, so I expect over the top, tongue in cheek humor from the universe's most dangerous purple guy. I like the new costume too. That blue and gold body suit always seemed out of date even when he wore it in the 70s. I hope this new outfit is permanent. And I hope the word spreads that this is a good read every month so it don't get cancelled.

    Superbat. Pat Lee's pencils just don't work here. They seem off kilter, like he can't get anatomy right without skewing everybody's proportions. And it was entirely too dark for the content. The story was fluff. Patiently waiting next month's awesome Turner arc to begin.

    Supreme Power. As awesome as this issue was, it was like I was reading the preface to a book of whupass which will be read aloud next month by Mark to his superiors. And can we please see more of the others? It's all Mark this and Mark that.

    Cap/Falcon. Okay. Priest and Sears give a mediocre plot some sparkle. And then a crafty cliffhanger making me want to at least pick up next issue and flip thru it on the rack.

    Uncanny. Brilliant conclusion to She sleeps with Angels. i was hoping the Draco would be the story arc people would be talking about, but it fell way short. This one, however, delivers. I think every issue of such a high selling comic should swing for the fences like this story arc did.

    Alias. Technically not new this week, but still on the racks at cover price. And it's sort of a Pulse #0 if you will. Plus its all Bendis...who is the Shakespeare of 21st century comic book dialogue. The guy could write two guys in a coffee shop talking about the rules to Monopoly for 22 pages, have Spider-Man swing by on the last page, slap a Spider-Man logo on the front cover, and everybody would love it.

    Comics to avoid

    Alpha Flight 1

    Ugh. The Poor Flight. Can nobody get them right? Thier last appearances in X-Men turned them into ahole govt super jerks, now this is having them be all nancy poser wannabes. Except having Nemesis working a stripper pole. That was sweet.
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    This week:

    G.I. Joe Reborn
    Action Comics #812
    Spider-Man Unlimited #2
    Star Wars Empire #17
    Superman: Birthright #8
    ROTJ Infinites #3
    SuperBat #7
    Uncanny X-Men #441 (I agree, awesome conclusion to this arc)
    Supreme Power #8
    The website

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    New Comics(3/10/04)

    Avengers/Thunderbolts 1
    Captain America 24
    Hulk 68
    Iron Man 78
    JLA 94
    Action Comics 812

    Kitten's Comics

    Knight's 4 3
    Ultimate Spidey 54
    Ultimate X-Men 43
    Emma Frost 9

    Avengers/'bolts. Having not read any of the Thunderbolts original saga, I didn't know what to make of this. Is Zemo trustworthy, or did his characterization in the original series backup Cap's incredulity at his newfound goodness? I also hate when writers give Steve an intractable quality and pass it off as strong morals and values. The Cap I always remember was very optimistic and forgiving about people. I guess that Cap tanked in sales and we've got hardass Steve now. None of the characters were strongly defined. I suppose this was done enough in the regular book, that the implications are there, but to me, it was just a bunch of costumes. Don't know if I'll keep this one up.

    Capitan America. Other than the dialogue between Cap and the chica revolutionary about "freedom" this was a mishmash. And the fight scene montage at the end was so confusing and uninspired. Bachalo's art looks like he rushed this issue out in an afternoon, so he could go play softball or something. And again, I have to stress how tales like this could have been told in ONE issue back in the day, not three or four or twelve. Bigger splashier panels does not make for better storytelling.

    Hulk. I hate clones. I hate clone stories. It seems to me like a weak, hackneyed, copout morally inflaming tool. the clone REAL?? Is it a PERSON?? I could care less. I was more interested in seeing Nadia running around in her skimpy undies again. Maybe Betty could have shed a few articles herself. Bruce Jones likes to do that with his female characters. Strip 'em down to the skivvies. Me likey. And for the hundredth time, Doc Samson...LOSE THE SHIRT.

    Iron Man. A decent conclusion to the Best Defense story arc. Ending with Tony's confirmation as the new SecDef. Does this mean the Iron Man armor will pass into new hands? I'm debatin' whether to keep this title, and a new guy in the armor would definitely keep me...

    JLA. Ugh. I have been looking forward to this for months and the whole thing is turning sour already. I mean, when I think epic story from Claremont and Byrne, I don't want to get saddled with a substandard villain and what do we get? A crotchity old VAMPIRE. First off, I hate Vampires in comic book stories in general, but this guy looks like about as much of a threat as Mr. Belvedere. Chris, what the hell happened to you? This can only get better.

    Action. How goofy is the plot device that has the last city of Krypton in a BOTTLE in the fortress of solitude? And WHY do writers insist on dipping back into that well over and over and over? IT'S A SILLY ONE ISSUE PLOT FROM THE SILLY 60's PEOPLE. Let it go. Let's instead talk about the artist on this series. His first name is Talent. How serendipitous is that? His parents had the audicity to name their child Talent and then it turns out he has it in spades? Quelle bonne artiste. Viva la Talent Caldwell! ooh, the backup story about the little boy was good too.

    Knight's 4. Kitten buys these, but I get to read 'em, so I figured it's my province to yak about them as well. Who is Kitten? She's my new and improved girlfriend. Kitten isn't her real name. But I digress. This new Marvel Knights book is killer. Every issue leaves me fulfilled. I am seriously thinking about dropping one of my other titles to start this one. I highly suggest this to all of you out there.

    Ultimate Spidey. I've been gettihng these in TPB but know I get to read them as they come out. The whole movie thing is hilarious. What the hell, it's Bendis right? Bendis rules.

    Ultimate X-Men. Bendis again. And the formation of the new govt controlled X-Team. I like how Alex is Scott's OLDER brother in this continuity. And it was FURY who sent Logan to kill the kid in the cave, not the Professor. interesting.

    Emma Frost. Another decent issue. I'm not sorry I dropped this title, but it's good to keep following it.
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