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    I agree with you, SK. I just don't hear his name mentioned too often with others' all-time greats (Kirby, Byrne, Adams, Wood, Ditko, Simonson, Chaykin, Miller, Romita, Lee, McFarlane, et al).
    You are correct, often times when you hear people mention the "greats" of the business you hear Kirby, Lee, Miller, McFarlane, etc. less so with Perez. I have always been a fan of Perez, so I suppose I am biased, his name always sticks out to me whenever it is mentioned, especially since he is connected with some of the biggest story lines in the DCU.

    Another personal favorite is Alex Ross, though I am also a big fan of almost anything by Dan Jurgens and/or Brett Breeding. I guess that has a lot to do with Superman/Doomsday, Death of Superman, Return of Superman, Zero Hour, 52, Booster Gold, etc. LOL
    May the force be with you.

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    CW #1 and one of the extra long CW comics.

    I might have to pick up the Punisher Christmas comic. It's a stand-alone and normally pretty humorous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC47150 View Post
    I might have to pick up the Punisher Christmas comic. It's a stand-alone and normally pretty humorous.
    Its not bad*, but since its a MAX title its definitely not humorous.

    *Which is a compliment since Ennis didn't write it - yeah, I'm little biased.
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    Chuck Dixon is the bestest Punisher writer ever.

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    Let's see, today I bought:

    Trinity #30
    Superman/Supergirl "Maelstrom" #4
    Vigilante #1
    Stephen King The Dark Tower "Treachery" #4

    Not a very exciting week I must admit.
    May the force be with you.

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    Well, delivery has been pushed back to Friday this week, so no "new" comics yet, but I did pick up the first 2 (of 3) "Justice" TPB's. I burned through them pretty quickly. This is an awesome story and the art work by Alex Ross really puts it over the top! I want the last TPB, but the store was sold out, he will have a copy for me next week.
    May the force be with you.

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    Justice Society of America #22

    A great end to the Kingdom Come Supes/Gog/Magog arc. The epilogue paintings by Alex Ross are a great payoff.

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    Agreed, JSA #22 was awesome!

    I also picked up, on Friday:

    Final Crisis: Secret Files
    Green Lantern #36
    Superman #683 (New Krypton #9!!!) awesome story!
    Trinity #31

    For my wife, I bought the new Staphen King, and a Farscape #1.
    May the force be with you.

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    JSA #23
    Final Crisis #7
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    Tangent Superman #12
    GI Joe Origins #1


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