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    X-Men: First Class 1-16
    X-Factor (1987): 21, 22, 25-28
    Marvel Masterworks HB: Uncanny X-Men 1-10

    I'm doing some catching up and filling in holes in my collection. Did the second X-Men: First Class series end at #16? Or is 16 just the most recent issue?

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    Read some comics that I bought over the last month:

    Ult. Spidey 130- Pretty interesting; I had no idea what this Ultimatum thing was, so I was pretty shocked to see most of Manhattan underwater. I guess issue 133 is the final issue of this "volume" of USM. I read that they might kill off Parker; is this happens I won't read the new volume.

    Also found out that #100 is the last issue of Ultimate X-Men. I'm excited to see how it ends.

    and I did read Walking Dead 58 which was pretty fantastic. Good to see some of the older characters coming back, even if one is a zombie, which was SHOCKING.
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    picked up :

    TPB Legacy 1 : Broken - liking the story so far aboout to start book 2
    TPB Legacy 2
    TPB Watchmen - getting ready for the movie
    What ever Happened to the Caped Crusader #1
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    New comics? None. Old comics? Some.

    Tales of the Jedi: Redemption #1,2,4,5 (won't start to read it until I find #3)
    Obi-Wan & Qui-Gon: Last Stand on Ord Mantell #1,3 (won't start to read it until I find #2)
    SW: Vandelhelm Mission (which I didn't realize was a reprint of a Marvel SW book, so I've already read it, but shall re-read it anyway)

    Waiting to receive in the mail:
    O-B & Q-G:LSoOM #2
    some SW comic from 2005 about the films (can't recall its title)
    Marvel Two-In-One #100 and New Mutants #100 (went back to my get-all-the-Marvel-#100-books)
    Amazing Spiderman #583 (Obama cover, 2nd print)
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    Just bought off of Ebay today:
    X-Men Marvel Masterworks volume 2 and 3 (covers X-Men 11-31)
    Uncanny X-Men 256, 258-262, 277, 281 (assorted issues from Jim Lee's early run on the series)

    Also got:
    Spider-Man Masterworks (reprinting Amazing Fantasy 15, Amazing Spider-Man 1-10)
    Fantastic Four Masterworks (reprinting Fantastic Four 1-10)
    X-Men Origins: Beast
    Amazing Adventures #11 (2006 reprint)

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    Green Lantern #38
    Blackest Night is going to be so frikin' awesome, I can't stand it!!!

    It'll be nice after the big let down from the Final Crisis. But then, GL story lines always rock and/or make other stories better...IMO.
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    Indiana Jones Tomb of the Gods #4
    GI Joe Origins #2
    Justice League #31

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    Discount sales rock! From Mile High Comics, bought eight different Marvel issue #100s:

    - Alpha Flight
    - Master of Kung Fu
    - Avengers West Coast
    - Power Man & Iron Fist
    - X-Factor
    - Excalibur
    - Marvel Comics Presents
    - The Defenders

    Most paid? $3.92 after the discount. Sweet!

    Now, where can I buy some time to be able to read these (and the other 7 unread comics I bought a bit back)?
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