Hear-ye, hear-ye! This thread hereby replaces the OLD thread similarly titled. Please tell us what you're buying (and why if the mood strikes), how you liked it, and snippits of what happened (if you have the time). Without further ado...

NEW COMICS! Purchased Oct 28, 2003

**PLease note, our shipment was delayed until Thursday this week, for some reason, so I don't have any real "new" books yet.**

Uncanny X-Men Draco Part IV
New X 148
FF: Authoratative Action Part III
Amazing SPidey 500
Ultimate 6 #3
Planetary 17 (amazing)
Thor: Vikings 2
1604 #2
Batman 620 (Azzarello - good story)
Spectacular Spidey 5
Transformers G1 vol2 #6 (thank God that's over)
Thanos 1
Spider-Man and Wolverine #4
Cap 19
Iron Man (latest)
Thor (the Reign Part II)
Avengers (latest)
Paradise X (Appendix X or whatever)
Hulk 62 (Betty?)
Daredevil 53
Wolverine 6

Passed on Avengers JLA 1 and 2, just couldn't justify spending the money. Im sure I'll regret it later. Anyone read these yet and liking them?