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    Had to toss some of the dialogue up from this issue. Just cause it's so great.

    (The X-Men and Xavier, watching the TV coverage of the Religious Fanatics that are outside the gates to the school. Preaching scripture and such about the 'Angel'.)
    Xavier: Before I ask which one of you is responsible for the major leak to the media that has religious congregation outside the school...I would like to remind you all that I am, maybe, the most powerful telepath the world has ever seen...and I already know which of you did this.

    Henry: See, I don't see how I can be blamed for this.

    Jean: What did you do, Henry?

    Henry: I -- I was talking to the --

    Storm: You were on that fan site of yours again, weren't you?

    Henry: I can't believe it turned--

    Wolverine: His what?

    Storm: There's a-- a fan site-- a web site about all of us-- and this goofball goes on the message board and gives them little updates and answers questions.

    Henry: They're my people.

    Kitty: Dude...

    Henry: It's good public relations.

    Kitty: Dude...

    Henry: I really don't think this is my fault exactly because I should be able to go online and--

    Jean: Are you serious?

    Henry: Okay. I just don't see how I could have known that these people would get in a car and come all the way up here to--

    Jean: People will stand outside a ratty apartment in Brooklyn... for days... on end... in the rain.. because the schmootz on someone's kitchen window kind of looks like maybe something. What did you think was going to happen if you announced to the world that there's a treakin' angel--

    Henry: I didn't announce it to the world.

    Jean: You put it on the internet!! Which part of worldwide web do you not--

    Xavier: Jean...

    Jean: I'm okay. I'm calm.
    (Henry sitting alone in a restaurant, feeling all down and upset. Because the team is ticked off at him for dropping the news about Angel. When a mysterious benefactor (maybe Mr. Sinister) shows up to offer him a proposition. Who it is is not shown, just the shadow of them standing next to the table. It certainly sounds like Sinister. From what I've read of the old books.)
    Unknown Stranger: They don't know they stare. They think they're not staring. That's the funny part. Hank McCoy, right?

    Hank: Can I help you?

    Unknown Stranger: Not as much as I can help you. Can I sit down?

    Hank: Uh... sure.
    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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