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    well over the weekend, i went to my comic shop to by the new U6 issue. and they were sold out. I guess i learned to not wait a week ever again. I willl have to order over the internet.

    On a good note, recieved my new issue of Uncanny today. It was very good, with good illustrations. I'm liking this new artist. The story was very good, and now i'm actually starting to like Uncanny and am happy i have a subscription of it.
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    I was a little bummed out that this weeks books were delayed due to the Holidays, but, it was okay, since this weeks' books were excellent.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four #1 - excellent, this series should be just as good as Ultimate Spidey & Ultimate X-Men
    Invincible #7 - A rather quick read, but still good nonetheless
    Superman/Batman #5 - Pretty good, Lex beats up on Nightwing
    G.I. Joe #25 - What a great ending to the Serpentor series. The best issue in the story-arc
    Star Wars Republic #59 - Pretty good story, has Anakin facing his "issues" with Tuskens
    Street Fighter #4 - Nothing fantastic, but entertaining regardless
    G.I. Joe vs. Transformers #6 - An alright conclusion to the series.
    The website

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    Wow, looks like I dropped GI Joe right before the Serpentor story line. Anyone mind posting a quick synopsis of it?
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    I think I dropped it at exactly the same time, Dr. Z (right after the weak "silent issue" #21). I think I'm going to go back and scoop these up, everyone I know who's read it has been really positive - even though Serpentor as a real villain had always been dodgy in the past. I didn't buy the last few issues of Frontline either, but heard they were really good as well (dealing with Roadblock). Figures, Im always doing that. I cancelled Daredevil right at the end of the first run not knowing what to expect with the relauch. Took me 3 years and 15 bucks to find the #1 I had missed.

    Im still having to wait for new comics, haven't had any for about 5 weeks now due to Christmas. My subscription holder is going to be some grumpy when I come waltzing in there this Wednesday.

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    New Comics(1/2/04)
    Superman/Batman 5
    GIJoe 25
    Transformers G1 V3 0
    GIJoe Transformers 6
    Ultimate FF 1
    Transformers Armada 18 (my daughter....)

    New Comics(1/7/04)
    New X-Men 151
    Uncanny X-Men 437
    Avengers 77
    Thanos 4
    Supreme Power
    Wolverine:The End 2

    SuperBat. Jeph Loeb cracks me up. He can nail these characters perfectly with his inner momologues and dialogue. Then he laughs at his audience by spotlighting the absurdity of the DC Universe. Krypto, the superdog? Lex Luthor's purple and green armor? You go Jeph.

    GIJoe. Holy crap! Mainframe! Chuckles! Outback(?) Blaylock goes out with a bang to rival the Trucial Abysmia massacre. I hope the new guy doesn't drop the ball next issue.

    Transformers. Sort of a...ummm...well, like the movie, but different.Okay, i'll have to reread it. The quintessons just bug the crappola out of me and I hate them in any TF continuity.

    GIJoe/TF. To be honest, I just bought this because I had the other five. This series lost all interest for me. Miller's artwork bounced back from mediocre to great though. nice finish. he'd do good on Uncanny or New methinks.

    Ultimate FF. ooh! Sweet. I can't wait for issue 2.
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    Sorry, been awhile. Also adding to the glee, Marvel dropped Canadian cover price 60 cents to match the dollar!!! Very happy comic day.

    1602 #5
    Supreme Power #6
    Amazing Spidey #502
    Avengers #77
    FF #79
    Hulk #64
    New X-Men #150, 151
    Uncanny #434, 435, 436, 437 (Holy crap, is this book daily??????)

    Lots still left to pick up, but this was a nice score. At least I can catch up on a few books!

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    This week I got

    Star Wars Tales #18 - An all Boba Fett issue. Almost all of the stories were pretty good.
    Sentinel #11 - Alright, nothing special, but the next issue could be pretty good.
    Superman: Birthright #6
    Ultimate Spidey #52 - As good as it always is. And that's good.
    Supreme Power #6
    New X-Men #151 - It was a good read, and reminded me of the Days of Future Past story-arc.
    Uncanny X-Men #437 - pretty interesting to see that all the offspring of the Guthrie family are mutants. Another good read.
    Wolverine: The End #2
    The website

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    Here what I just picked up today:

    JSA #56
    Y: The Last Man #18
    The Flash #205
    Green Lantern #172
    Invincible #7
    Planetary #18 (Another Astonishing Issue!)
    Superman/Batman #5
    Caper #3
    Star Wars Republic #59

    I'm not too keen on the revamping DC is doing for Superman to allign it with Smallville. Besides Superman/Batman the only other Superman title I still read is "Superman". The stories lately have been horribly written.

    Would someone mind sending me a PM with a story synopsis for The End: Wolverine and the new Serpentor story in GI Joe? Both were sold at at my comic store and I'm interested in how they are.
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    New Comics(1/14/04)

    Captain America 22
    1602 6
    Teen Titans 7
    Hulk 65
    Punisher 1

    Captain America. Another solid story from Morales and Bachalo. Kinda makin' Cap cool again.

    1602. Alas, I haven't had time to read this one, but the whole 1602 thing is kickin'

    Teen Titans. A respite issue of sorts, with cool insights into all the players. Especially Deathstroke, and his manipulation at the mind of Jericho. It was a bittersweet consolation to see that it wasn't Slade that had killed Wintergreen, but Joseph. I always liked Wintergreen. And we get introduced to a new Ravager? And (ugh) Krypto gets added to the cast. This stupid mutt haunts my DC purchasing. First he plagued Hush, then he drops by SupermanBatman. Now he shows up in Titans. At least lose the stupid cape already...

    Hulk. Split Decision concludes, but not everything is cleared up. The Secret Conspiracy remains ( or at least the identity of the #1 remains unclear). And there just wasn't enough Hulk to satisfy me.

    Punisher. Frank gets relaunched as a Max title and it is awesome. It's like the Max line was created to showcase Castle's gritty unflinching hardcore battle against the slime that killed his family. Definitely picking up the next issue.
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    I'll check Marvel's website to see who's on Punisher. Garth Ennis perchance? I wasn't "blown away" by the Born limited series - though numerous persons inside the pages were. So I'll be weighing it off.

    Question: Does the upcoming "MK 4" replace the FF book, or is it a second monthly? Note to Marvel: If Spidey can only carry 1 book per month, what are you expecting to happen here?


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