got some new stuff and old stuff today:

Ult Spidey 52 (great issue; poor Peter just can't catch a break!)
Hulk 65-66- 65 was excellent although i agree w/ EP with the nuking of Ricky Meyers and whatnot; hey, at least, we're done with that storyline! I did like Doc Samson and his rejecting Better and i also agree, get a new shirt, dammit!! I did LOVE the last page of 66 showing Doc Samson w/ Betty in his arms thinking of his lost wife and child and then Bruce w/ Nadia, thinking of walking along the beach with Betty. Truely amazing.

Wolverine: the end #2- Yeah, i'm gonna hafta re-read #1 cos i'm totally freakin' lost here. why is he in tokyo?!? who's there and why?!? doesn't he realize he's weapon X?!? hehehehe