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    got some new stuff and old stuff today:

    Ult Spidey 52 (great issue; poor Peter just can't catch a break!)
    Hulk 65-66- 65 was excellent although i agree w/ EP with the nuking of Ricky Meyers and whatnot; hey, at least, we're done with that storyline! I did like Doc Samson and his rejecting Better and i also agree, get a new shirt, dammit!! I did LOVE the last page of 66 showing Doc Samson w/ Betty in his arms thinking of his lost wife and child and then Bruce w/ Nadia, thinking of walking along the beach with Betty. Truely amazing.

    Wolverine: the end #2- Yeah, i'm gonna hafta re-read #1 cos i'm totally freakin' lost here. why is he in tokyo?!? who's there and why?!? doesn't he realize he's weapon X?!? hehehehe
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    Haven't been home to read 'em yet, but I got:

    Cobra Reborn #1 (That cover is smokin'! )
    Batman #623
    Empire #16
    ROTJ Infinities #2
    Republic #60 (another awesome cover)
    Punisher #2
    March 2004 Toyfare (I normally skip this, but wanted the Joe Reborn prequel)
    Wanted #2 (based on the glowing recommendation from the proprietor, who has shown excellent tastes in the past)
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    This week, I've only read about 1/2 of them.

    Star Wars Empire #16
    Ultimate Six #6
    Ultimate FF #2
    Amazing Spidey #503
    ROTJ Infinities #2
    Hulk: Gray #5
    Batman #623
    Cobra: Reborn #1
    Incredible Hulk #66
    JLA #92
    Star Wars Republic #60
    The website

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    The Legion #29

    Superman #201
    Powers #36
    The Walking Dead #4
    Hawkman #24
    Batman #623
    Green Lantern #173
    The Flash #206
    GI Joe: Cobra Reborn #1
    JLA #92
    The Punisher #2
    Superman: Metropolis #12
    ROTJ: Infinities #2
    ToyFare #79
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    I've been trying to get back into comics lately.

    recently I have read the beginnings of The Ultimates, Ultimate X-Men, and Ultimate Spiderman.

    I also re-read Secret Wars and the Infinity Gauntlet, and JMS's Spiderman. Also read a few of The Exiles.

    Today I picked up the 5 graphic novel series of Batman: No Man's Land. ANyone read it? It looks pretty sweet.

    Also, can anyone recommned a good series to pick up? I usually prefer to buy a whole series at once, in graphic novel form if possible. But any recommendations are appreciated.
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    Well my 2 favorites overall lately have been New X-Men by Grant Morrison (most arcs available in GN format) and Incredible Hulk by Bruce Morrison. The "Return of the Monster" graphic novel kicks that one off. Top notch stuff, if you like Marvel.

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    Crap in a hat! QLD--I mean, LIMP --I wrote a long reply with recommendations that seems to have been eaten in a "server too busy" error. Here's the skinny of it:

    No Man's Land: Awesome. I don't think they're collected, but look for Cataclysm, Aftershock, and The Road to No Man's Land story arcs throughout the Bat-titles. They lead into it, but No Man's Land is the real meat.

    Morrison's X-Men: Awesome. Can't emphasize this enough.

    1602: Awesome.

    JLA vs Avengers: Awesome.

    GIJoe: Awesome. Main series in trade paperback. Frontline is hit-and-miss, but don't miss "The Mission That Never Was" story (with Hama himself finishing out his cut-short ending to the Marvel series).

    GIJoe: Cobra Reborn: Awesome.
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    Good choice with the Ultimate books. Ultimate Spidey is hilarious.

    I would recommend any of the Bendis/Maleev Daredevil TPBs. Maleev's art takes a little while to get used too, but the stories are TOP NOTCH.

    Both the Top 10 TPBs by Alan Moore are excellent. A bit more adult oriented than mainstream book though.

    Supreme Power should be putting out the collected first six issues soon.

    Avengers "Red Zone" by Johns and Coipels.

    "Hush" There are pros and cons about the story, but Jim Lee drawing the Batman is worth it in so many ways.
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    I think all the books that have been suggested are awesome picks, and I would recommend them too.

    Another excellent series of TPB's are the more recent Thor books:

    Lord of Asgard
    Gods on Earth

    These are all after the Death of Odin TPB (which was good, but not really great IMO). Where Thor takes on Odin's power & mantle as Lord of Asgard. These aren't the same ole Thor stories, that's for sure!

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    Ummmm....... I made a mistake. Hulk is by Bruce Jones of course.


    Captain America 21 and 22
    Wolverine 9 and 10
    New X (last Morrison story) part 2
    Uncanny (sleeps with angels) part 2
    Hulk 65
    Cobra Reborn
    Thor (2 issues)
    Iron Man (best defense) part 2
    Planetary 18
    Batman (azzarello) part 2
    Astro City: Local Heroes (latest)
    Daredevil (not sure of issue number, end of latest david mack story)

    Still need to catch up, but the box is a lot thinner. Haven't read anything yet, 4 days off starting today!


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