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    New Comics (2/5/04)

    Uncanny X-Men 439
    Supreme Power 7
    Transformers G1 V3 1
    Thanos 6

    Uncanny. Good story. Good art. Except that since its a complete lift of Romeo & Juliet (the story arc was even originally called Romeo X) it loses some of the climactic elements. Gee, will the two star crossed lovers bite it in the end? And they are just glossing over the most conflictive element of the story. who wouldn't want to see Ma Guthrie giving Warren a stern going over about wanting to shtup her teenage daughter?

    Supreme. oooh! Booboos! The mother of all cliffhangers! I must say the sum of these issues is greater than the parts. What a finely crafted story!

    Transformers. I guess...ummm...I'm confused. I need to go back a reread #0 because the only thing I remember from that were the suck Quintessons. This new Decepticon intrigues me. Figueroa keeps up a nice standard after Lee. I would like to see more "history" in this continuity that clarifies what happened compared to the Cartoon and previous comic series. There's this vague idea that it is similar to the origins of both, but I wouldn't mind seeing a limited or even an ongoing series setting it in stone. In any case, I'm hooked. Can't wait for next issue. Giant changing robots RULE!!

    Thanos. Aha! There's the space epic I was waiting for. Thanos slamming Galactus between TWO FREAKING PLANETS was awesome. And then afterwards, he had the chutzpah to give the Devourer a stern lecture. Where's the Thanos Marvel Legend? It's too bad this was Starlin's final issue, but Ron Lim comes on board next issue!!! The mad Titan returns to...Titan. Expect familial hijinks.
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