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    Ultimate X-Men 43 was great. I really like the changes to Alex. And the canidates for the President's education team were great. I had a hard time figuring out all twelve. But other then one, I think I have all of them figured out. Beast, Havok, Dazzler, Polaris, Sunspot(?), Thunderbird, Wolfsbane, Bishop, Blink, and Callisto. And it looks like the final team will be, Beast, Havok, Dazzler, Karma, and either Callisto or Blink. Depending on who the president considers having crawled out from under a rock. I would think it would be Blink that was declined. But Callisto being a Morlock in 616, could be considered having crawled out from under a rock.

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    Bishop in Ultimate? Is there any actual background on him, or just a cameo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    Bishop in Ultimate? Is there any actual background on him, or just a cameo?
    He just has a small cameo. He appears on the White House Situation Room viewscreen. Basically looks somewhat like his 616 version, but no stupid M shaped tattoo on his face. The president turns him down, because he's got a criminal record and served time in jail. Which doesn't work for ole Dubya. Since the teams is being built to be politically correct and as an education team, not a police force.

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    well i should be getting UXM and USM in the mail shortly, so i'll let you all know how i like it. Also i'll pick up Marvel Knights #3.
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    hey, got my copies of UXM and USM today. I th9ught bith were great and i can't wait to see whats going to happen with the rest of the arc. It's really shaping up to be a good story. I love the drawings, they are awsome.
    Gambit: What's up guys? Tell me, why are you such losers?

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    This week:

    Street Angel #1
    An indie book that's all in black & white about a young girl (I believe she's around 15 for some reason, but they never say) who fights crime armed only with her, and I quote, "Phat skateboarding skills, martial artistry, and tricked out deck." It's hard to believe that this little girl with no powers can beat up a room full of adult ninjas with swords and nunchaku, and the like. Some parts were so-so, but overall the writing was good.

    Action Comics #813
    Superman books were all I used to read a couple of years ago, and haven't read any in a long time, so I'm trying to get back into them. With that said, I Adventures #625, which is part 2 of this Godfall story-arc, so I'm a little unsure as to the events that transpired to get to this point. So for me, it was kind of confusing. The backup story was really good. It could have been an issue all by itself.

    JLA #94
    I agree with EP, this doesn't look to appetizing thus far. To me it makes me think it could have been an old story-arc in like the mid-80's. It can only get better.

    Hulk #68
    Overall this story-arc has taken a dip, especially with the end of this issue. I just think it got a little to confusing and convoluted. I did like the love triangle between Bruce, Betty, and Nadia. That just seemed more character driven and more interesting.

    Marvel Knights 4 #3
    Another great issue. It's so great to see them trying to do regular jobs. Without being a book about just fighting villains, it seems to make the characters a little more realistic. Does anyone else seem to think that this series seems to spend a lot of time focusing on Sue?

    Ultimate X-Men #43
    Very interesting to see the "Ultimate" version of some more of the X-characters. Who is the guy at the end saying they're going to have to make a stand, is that Stryker?

    Fables #23
    This story has been pretty good with Red Riding Hood coming in. I love the scene at the beginning, when Hugh, Drew, & Lou (who are 3 goblins from the old lands), go to buy a big pile of guns and the store owner says you have to wait 3 days, so they rip the little tabs off his calender and say "now it's been 3 days."

    Ultimate Spider-Man #54
    The movie thing is great. The whole issue was funny, but especially the beginning between Gwen & Peter. Good stuff.
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    New Comics(3/17/04)

    Advs of Superman 626
    Amazing Spidey 505
    Batman Gotham Knights 51
    Daredevil 438
    New Mutants 10
    New X-Men 154
    Robin 124
    Superbat 8
    Teen Titans 9
    Thanos 8

    Holy crap what a big week!

    Superman. Continuation of the Kandor storyline with excellent art by Talent Caldwell. It sucks being a Superman collector. A new book every week? That's gotta spank the pocketbook. I used to be that way with Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, etc. Spider-Man, thank goodness has a bunch of crap titles other than Amazing. What's up with that turd that Humerto draws? Gads, he a crap artist though. Anyway, pretty soon, I'll only be getting the Jim Lee Superman book...despite Azarello's writing.

    Amazing Spidey. Speaking of which, why is it all the hoodlums/ disaffected youth in the Spidey book recently are minorities? Whitey-Man has to go out and help the little brothers from their lives of crime? It's getting old JMS. Make with the rogue gallery already and drop your racist stereotyping of New York's youth culture.

    Gotham Knights. Is this the new movie costume on the cover? It's an interesting design that doesn't correspond with the interior costume of this or any other Bat book. The plot thickens in the Hush/Riddler/Joker thingie. Oh, and Batman shows up too.

    Daredevil. Mostly talking heads issue. Ben, Milla, Foggy...the night nurse (snicker.) The night nurse?

    New Mutants. Another solid issue of teenage angst and school stuff. So none of the students bat an eye when their teacher shows up in a reverse bondage outfit like Emma Fost's? I wouldn't remember one thing about the lesson if My teacher was showing more skin than a Maxim model.

    New X-Men. Marc. It wasn't nearly long enough. Grant. Thank you for an amazing run. Good bye.

    Robin. Holy crap! Tim Drake's father finds out...everything! Holy crap!

    Superbat. What a fantastic first issue of a story arc. This is like the complete opposite of the Tenth Circle in JLA. Really good art. Really good story. And Kara wrapped in the white sheet AND Clark's cape at the end? Tasteeeeee.

    Teen Titans. Another smoothe issue from Johns and McKone ( who returns this issue after stellar fill ins from Gummett). All the sub stories are building up nicely. Dismantled Cyborg sure woke me up!

    Thanos. More grooviness from Giffen and Lim. This will be one to read when you have all the issues in hand. Thanos kicks all kinds of butt. Where's the Thanos Marvel Legend?
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    Finally, this camel found the comic oasis. Bear with me, these have been stockpiled in the store, some for up to 2 months. I have no idea which week out of the last 8 or so each came from. I haven't read a single issue yet, so reviews and impressions will have to come in time. It's taken me the last hour or so to sort my stuff and see where I've missed an issue. Luckily enough none of these were duplicates (I pulled a few extras off the rack if I didn't recognize where the story was starting off or ending).


    Darkminds: Macropolis 3
    New X-Men 153, 154
    Uncanny X-Men 439, 440, 441
    X-Men Unlimited 1
    Amazing Spider-Man 503, 504, 505
    Spectacular Spider-Man 8 (was sitting on 9 and still need 10 which is likely out)
    Avengers 75,76 (as above, I've had 77 for awhile, and still need 78, etc)
    Iron Man: Best Defense 3,4
    Thor: the Reigning 4,5
    FF 510, 511
    Batman 623, 624
    Hulk 66,67,68
    1602 6,7
    Supreme Power 7,8
    Daredevil 55 (had 56, needed this one, still need 57 and 58!!!! GAAAAAHHHH!)

    Yikes. I was really backed up. Not good. And the worst part was I saw a TON of other stuff I still need and didn't get (Silver Surfer, Thanos, Emma Frost, JLA Avengers, Ultimate Six, Powers, Namor..... ridiculous).

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    I picked up the Transformers Armada More Than Meets the Eye just a few minutes ago. I havent cracked it open yet but am sure i wont be disappointed in learning a bit more about a few bots. I wouldnt call myself a fan of Armada, but i do enjoy it a bit. Anybody know how many issues of Armada they will release? I cant imagine it being more than three. Hopefully the next type of More Than Meets the Eye that comes out will cover characters from the Beast Wars line.
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    Ultimate Spidey 54- Great issue, though a bit odd. The whole angle about themt making a movie about Webhead and we see Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire, who wines a lot. Pretty humorous issue with Doc Ock gettin' out, which was sweet.

    Hulk- dead like me, 3 of 4 (issue 68)- Good issue; i loved the ending as we're finally seeing a bit more of the Hulk. Should be sweet to see the two Hulks battling.

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