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More back issues. I'm almost done with the Marvel 100 "series," after online winning and online buying Punisher 100, Wolverine 100, Classic X-Men 100, Sgt. Fury & His HC 100, and G.I. Joe 100.

Here's what I have/had from comics issues #100 from Marvel Comics:
Star Wars 100
X-Men 100
Captain America 100
Fantastic Four 100
Tales to Astonish 100
Tales of Suspense 100
Amazing Spiderman 100 (sold this one about a decade back )
X-Factor 100
Avengers West Coast 100 (used to be West Coast Avengers)
Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spiderman 100
Web of Spiderman 100
Excalibur 100
Conan 100
The Defenders 100
Silver Surfer 100
Iron Man 100
Master of Kung Fu 100
Power Man & Iron Fist 100
New Mutants 100
Daredevil 100
Alpha Flight 100
Marvel Tales 100
Marvel Comics Presents 100
Marvel Age 100
Punisher 100
Wolverine 100
Classic X-Men 100
Sgt. Fury & His Howling Commandos 100
G.I. Joe 100
[edit] Forgot about the hero get-together titles:
Marvel Team-Up 100
Marvel Two-For-One 100

I might have missed a couple, too. Still looking for Avengers 100 EDIT: I did find this one two years back, and possibly Journey into Mystery 100 or Strange Tales 100 (althought those'll be expensive)

And, from 7/6 of that year:
I bought Cable #100, to basically complete my Marvel 100s "series." I am forgetting about Journey into Mystery 100 (on cost) and older titles like Strange Tales or from the pre-1962 era (when superhero titles began again). Unless new titles get to that special 100th issue, but even then I may pass on them.
There have been some new titles, so this week, I added the following:
Exiles #100
Spidergirl #100
Ultimate X-Men #100
Ultimate Spiderman #100
Incredible Hulk (1999 series) #100
X-Men (1991 series) #100
What If? #100