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    New Super Articulated Clone Trooper

    The Super Clone is awesome!! Go to GH to check out proto pic's with the Clone is different poses!!!
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    Agreed. That CloneTrooper kicks major booty. I hope that they plan to use the same figure sculpt for to make new Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue CloneTroopers. Very tasty looking figure.

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    Um, what's GH? Sorry, I'm in the "not knowing" section here. Thanks!
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    Here's the link.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Looks great. Unfortunately for me, it means going back to the store every day at 6:30 in the morning until I get 40 of them or something, to have an army stocked up for Episode 3 dioramas.

    Not to knock this figure, but I think I'll still get as much of that count from buying 2 and 3 pack Clones as possible.

    This one will be best for making Clones standing at attention though, so I'll still need a lot of them.

    With past army builders, this is exactly how people got millions of JMPs.
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    Finally, a commtech Stormy quality Clonetrooper. I too hope they'll make them available in the other colours so we can have NCO's with the posablity of the basic soldiers. Either way, these look great.

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    Who knows what's gonna happen with these beyond the "white" stage. I have 4 coming from KEBco and that's all I will need. I never thought I'd be saying "I have too many Clone Troopers!!!" ...yet, I do-- or will.
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    It looks even better than the comtech stormie as he has wrist articulation. Thankfully it appears he can properly hold a blaster.

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    It's about danged time Hasbro came out with this. You know they had the technology for this figure from the begining.

    (Puts business hat on)
    Hmmm, so it seems Hasbro has actually been stringing us along up til now.

    First they say only the Preview White clone will be the only white clone to be made. Then the Red clone was going to be the only "Color" clone. Now look!

    We have 5 different 3 packs, three different bonus packs, two different clone bikers (who were from a cut scene none-the-less), single carded blue and now RED arc troopers, rumored new bonus packs with wave 2CW figs and clones, and now this one-the super articulated clone.

    Hmmm. I think Hasbro played us all quite well.
    (Takes off business hat)

    I'm not complaining to much mind you, as I know I would have bought all of the variations that have come out, no matter the order in which they came out.

    Sheesh, I'm like you Tycho. I'm going to be one army building FOOL! I'm just going to keep buying until my mind says to stop. (That's what usually happens anyway...I buy army builders and then a little spark goes off in my head that says ENOUGH....oh the voices they speak to me...JUST KIDDING folks...or am I MU HU HA HA...)

    Anyway, I extremely happy to see this fig being produced. I too wonder if all of the color variations will be made of if it's just the white one.
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    Very nice Hasbro. I wonder who the Hasbro spy on the boards is. They seem to be listening quite a bit here.
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