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    Q Will Hasbro continue to make Classic Trilogy (Episodes 4, 5 and 6) products?

    A Yes! Hasbro will continue to make toys based on the Classic Trilogy. They are in "The Power of the Force" packaging.

    Really??? Wasn't "The Power of the Force" packaging done away with three years ago???

    Yes, this is directly from Hasbro's own site, in their "Questions" section! It's just one of many examples of how shoddily run Hasbro's Star Wars site is, despite the new bells & whistles added to hype their Clone Wars line.

    For instance ... they still have the pictures for the regular Darth Vader and Darth Vader w/ Removable Helmet switched, which has been the case on the site since about 1998!

    After driving fans nuts with the Episode I upgrade that wiped out their collection lists, they then managed to save the list during the POTJ upgrade, only to totally demolish them again during the Saga/Clone Wars upgrades!

    Have you ever tried e-mailing them a question? There was less bureaucracy in the Third Reich! There are 804 Frequently Asked Questions you must sift through before finally realizing that your question isn't there (of course!).

    If it weren't for the many SW collector's site like SSG, we'd probably never know what was coming out in advance--just so we can hunt for stuff that doesn't even get picked up by the big-box retailers.

    And don't even get me started on the JMP auctions ... fortunately, there's already a thread for that!
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    I hardly ever visit that site. It leads no where. This site(SSG) is more informative then their own. It is a joke.
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    you ought to think yourselves lucky. hasbro in the uk set up a site 'especially for the uk collector' which hasn't been updated with anything noteworthy since about last may. they just can't be bothered.


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