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Thread: EU figs.

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    Thumbs up EU figs.

    Who wants to see more EU figs? Real EU figs, from comics, games, books etc. I DO! I would love to see a Sharad Hett and A'Sharad Hett figure, and Corran Horn too. We could use a Mara Jade figure too, better though. And Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo. And Admiral Daala, and Captain Palleon. And lots more! Come on, you know you want 'em!
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    Thumbs up

    My philosophy has always been and continues to be: The more figures, the merrier. I like the EU figures, but I don't display them with the movie figures.
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    Unhappy Oh.....

    Well I am 15 and still play with them.........stop the laughing... so I would like as many EU figs as possible, the Concept Art ones, though interesting, don't do it for me as much as new characters would.
    "Sometimes we are lucky enough to know our lives have been changed, to discard the old and embrace the new and run headlong down an immutable course."
    ~ Jacques Cousteau
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    New EU figs would be the best! And I trust Hasbro to do it now, such great sculpts and all.
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    Well, same for me. More figures the better. I really like Mara Jade and Qui-Gon Jedi Training was pretty well done too. When we have enough EU figs around, we can then do diorama of scenes we imagine when reading those story books

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    I would definitely not mind new EU figures, so long as they revisit Kyle Katarn from Jedi Knight, that POTF2/EU figure stinks IMO.

    I'd also like to see EU figures based on the "Art Of" design books, especially a concept Vader, concept "lizard-thing" Chewbacca, and a concept Stormtrooper with lightsaber and shield. I like the "Art Of" figures, I think they're a neat idea just like their Action Fleet counterparts, the "Series Alpha".
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    the master jedi
    I'd want some more EU figures as long as stores where I live get them in. Last time they made EU figs I couldn't find 'em anywhere.
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    These comments have been encouraging. I hope Hasbro reads these pleas for more EU.

    From the prequel era alone I could use like 10:

    young Obi-Wan from Jedi Apprentice books
    Xanatos Dark Jedi
    A'sharad of course
    The Dark Woman (to properly do that final scene in Hunt for Aurra Sing)
    the Yinchorri from Jedi Council: Acts of War to face off with Eeth Koth!
    even a young Wilhuff Tarkin to meet Anakin in Rogue Planet

    Does Qui-Gon have any Cold Weather Gear? ; )

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    Thumbs up HELL YEAH

    I too want ?real? Expanded Universe figures. Not the Maul, Ben, and Qui-Gon's that we have gotten. I want characters like:

    Kir Kanos
    Carnor Jax
    Death Trooper
    Jacen Solo
    Jania Solo
    Anakin Solo
    Jodo Kast
    Nomi Sunrider
    Vima Sunrider
    Tott Doneeta
    Master Vodo Siosk
    Darth Bane
    Baron Fel
    Jorus C' Boath
    Ulic-Quel Droma
    Exar Kun

    You get the idea.
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    I would personally LOVE

    Solo kids
    Older sculpts of Luke, Leia, Han, Lando, etc.....others from OT
    Corran Horn
    Mirax & Booster Terrick
    Kyp Durron
    Yuuzhan Vong soldiers, priestess, warmaster, shaper

    and sooooo many more.


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