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    Shmi looks like an eleven-year old

    Just found her tonight for the very first time (at Target). She looks like Amidala's twin sister. Or better yet, Anakin's older sister.

    WOW. I guess they start at a young age on Tatooine. If you know what I mean. . .
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    Originally posted by TheBigSloppy
    She looks like Or better yet, Anakin's older sister.
    Well she is Anakins mother So they are meant to llok the same in a way
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    And she's Luke's grandma too, so just be glad she didn't get Luke Skywalker Buck Tooth Pliot's head sculpt! I noticed there were a couple different looks to the heads on the figures I saw when I found mine (NOT variants!): some happier-looking. So maybe she has a few "clones" out there. Clones?!?!
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