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Thread: Am I a Snob?

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    Am I a Snob?

    okay, i want everyone's opinion on this...

    I was on my way to the local gas station to buy some cigarettes, it's about two blocks from my house and I live in Atlanta, when a man approached me and started talking to me. He was telling me all these things, little philosophies on the way people act and other such things. He told me that he just got out of jail 17 days ago and got a job last week and is about to move into a little place ten minutes away from where he was. He was in jail because another man tried to rape his eight year old daughter and he broke his legs for trying to take her. He also talked about how much he likes to make friends at that he liked me yadda yadda yadda. What made him seem even more genuine is that about ten kids my age (college students, we were just outside the dorms) stopped and said hey. After talking to the guy for about a half an hour, he seemed to be hinting that if I helped him out by giving him fifteen dollars, we would be friends and all this and that he would pay me back on wednesday plus ten more. I made it clear to him that i had no money with me (I always use my checkcard to buy stuff) but i could get him something from the gas station if he wanted. He had also mentioned that he had the flu from sleeping out on the streets a few nights ago when it was raining. He declined everything i offered, but i still went in to get him something when i finally got in there. i looked for some sort of over the counter flu medicine, but they had none, so i got something that might help, some juice (when you have the flu, you should drink plenty of liquids). I brought it out to him expecting a simple thank you, but what i got was radically different. he said: "man, i don't want no juice man, i need to get something in my stomach," (someone stopped and gave him some chips while we were talking and he told me that everything he had eaten, he was throwing up), he continued, "i'm gonna tell you right now, one day i'm gonna be on top and i'm gonna make it a note to throw something in your face."
    Was it rude of me to try and help his flu rather than give him fifteen bucks that i didn't have? am I a snob because i didn't want to contribute to his "human fund (George Castanza)? please, offer your insights, i know that was a long post, but jeez, i am mad right now.
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    YOU SNOB!!

    You got alot further than i would have. I would have showed him he was #1 and kept walking.. Your not a snob. above and beyond that for even getting him some juice. He would have seen no sympathy from me. Kudos to you.
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    That was a very kind gesture in the face of a probable con man. I applaud your generosity and No that was certainly not snobbish of you.

    I understand that there are some genuine people in need of financial help but in today's world they have to understand that approaching strangers on the street is NOT cool. It's unfair because it is so hard to gauge people's intentions.

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    Ditto to all what everybody else said. If this guy was genuine he would have accepted anything, he was just trying to sell you a bill of goods. You were not a snob because this guy was trying to rip you off. I am not sure if you were thinking that but this would be a learning experience to carry into the future. Never give strangers money that you can't part with. I barely trust people that I've known for a while let alone a total stranger.
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    next time.. walk up - dont say a word, and give em the Stone Cold Stunner! then get up and keep walkin... that'll teach em!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobajames
    am I a snob because i didn't want to contribute to his "human fund (George Castanza)? please, offer your insights, i know that was a long post, but jeez, i am mad right now.
    No, you're not a snob. You gave this guy more of a chance than I would have. If you offer to help a stranger ... and they flip out over it, it's probably because they're pulling something. I've been dealing with that ... weirdo walks up and starts babbling, telling stories and talking about needing help and money thing for most of my life. I've lived in and around too many big cities to not be completely immune to it. Man, when I lived in San Francisco there wasn't an hour in the day when I wasn't having to tell some hard luck case to buzz off. Now, even the kids selling (stale and overpriced) candy door to door have to deal with my look of complete annoyance when they come walking up.

    In this case ... he probably got more of your time than he deserved.


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    He went to jail for non-lethal self defense for his daughter.

    Probably not.

    I think he was definitely trying to work you over, it's cool you actually bought him something, but if he wouldn't accept it. No, you're not a snob. If you were a snob you would've said something like "with every word you say even though I'm not listening, you could infect me with your flu. Go away. Shoo-shoo."

    If you feel suspicious or anything about it anytime, you should probably go check out with the cops about if something is going on. I mean he just got out of jail, ok it happens, but he gives you a pity story then tries to con money. Something could be up.
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    I'll bet the guy's name was Lanny......
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    thanks guys, maybe i should come to you with all my problems... I think I will check it out with the police around the dorms (i don't know why this guy was hanging around college dorms, he's 49...
    also, not only did the college kids seem to know him, but all the panhandlers did too. odd.
    thanks again
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    I was the standard naive kid moving from the country to the big city about 12 years ago. My first week in LA, I was approached by some kid asking for money. I believed his story (something about bus fare) and gave him a couple of bucks. I was quickly chastised by some seasoned friends about these guys (they populate Santa Monica to prey on tourist types). I'm naturally a very trusting peson and want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, so it is against my nature to automatically distrust someone's motives. But when it comes down to it, while someone may truly be in need, begging for money from random strangers is not the way to deal with strife. Anyone intelligent enough to deserve your help also should be smart enough to know where to go to get it (local church, shelter, government programs...oh, hey, what about the ol' standby of getting a frickin' job!). I don't want to think ill of people and I was born into life with more advantages than some (though not as much as others unfortunately), but I've worked hard to get where I am to make the money I make. It doesn't take a genious to be successful in life, but it takes dedication and committment. Obviously some of these bums lack both and deserve neither your time nor your money.


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