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    Exclamation Marvelous Marvel Movie.....Updates!!!

    Couldn't think of an M word, but here's the latest news about the various Marvel Movie properties currently in development. Flicks talked about include X-Men 3, Spidey 2, Hulk 2, Daredevil 2, Elektra, the Fantastic Four, and more. Still have major doubts that they'll deliver FF by next Christmas. And if the Elektra stand-alone movie bombs, it could hurt Daredevil 2.
    During Marvel's conference call, Avi Arad said that he wished to clear up some misinformation about Marvel’s relationship with Artisan, stating that the studio (which was just acquired by Lion’s Gate) does not have “15 Marvel properties.” The only property Artisan has any stake in currently is Punisher. (He didn't mention Man-Thing, but I assume they obviously have a stake in THAT, too). Arad said that if things go well between Artisan and Lion’s Gate, Marvel may expand and/or continue their relationship with the studio. Arad stressed that, despite reports, Artisan does not have the rights to Iron Fist and Black Panther.

    Other topics mentioned by Arad included:

    - Spider-Man 2 just completed principle photography

    - Iron Man is targeted to be a PG-13 release and on target for a ’05 release from New Line.

    - Elektra, which is still in current development, will be the “sequel” to Daredevil, with the character first appearing there, and then she will be reunited with Daredevil in Daredevil 2.

    - Marvel is “feverishly” working on Fantastic Four with Fox, and that the studio has it on its schedule for December 2004. (Given where it stands now, that's REALLY soon to expect anything.)

    - Hulk 2 is in development for an 06 release. Arad reported that 6.5 million DVDs shipped out for the release, and 3.5 sold within the first seven days.

    - Namor is in active development, no other word though.

    - Arad said that X-Men 3 is in the start of development, but neither Marvel or Fox is willing to tentetively put it on the schedule yet, for either 05 or 06 release.

    - Arad reported that Captain America is in discussion with top writers and directors, now that litigation surrounding the character has been resolved.

    - Arad said that the production budget for Punisher was in the upper $30s, while the marketing budget will most likely be in the mid $20s (millions).

    -Finally, Arad said that he should be able to release more information about upcoming Marvel film projects closer to the November 18th analysts' call.

    Other notes from the conference call:

    - Spider-Man 2 is already seeing more licensee activity that the first film.

    - Marvel is already talking to and negotiating with licensees for Fantastic Four.

    - Marvel will be working to expand its worldwide licensing business, and as such, will be opening offices in Europe and Japan to further licensee relationships internationally. The offices should be opening within the next 60 days.

    -Man-Thing was named as the intial fruit of the company's strategic review - a low-budget film with Marvel creative support which may be the model for many Marvel properties in the future. Marvel acknowledged that the film will have very limited licensing, but it could spawn sequels.

    -Final monies due in from Spider-Man are related to television and cable rights for the film. Revenue from those deals is expected in 2004.

    -Spider-Man 2 merchandise rollout should begin in early Q1 2004 and will build through to the release of the film.
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    Thanks for the heads up JJB.
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    sounds pretty good, stinks though that we have to wait that long for X3 to come out.
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    Very cool news, I am also a little surprised with the X3 comment though.
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    Awesome, finally a Fantastic Four movie, and I can't wait for X-men 3. Now I wish some people would be this proactive about DC characters. We really need a new Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman can wait awile though.
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    I think the Spiderman2 and Xmen3 will work out nicely but for the most part i dont like the thought of the rest. Im suprised a Hulk2 is planned, the first was alright but dull in many moments. So much crap is left over from that i wonder if it will have a big merchandising deal too. Namor? Who is that? That doesnt sound too appealing. As for Daredevil and Elecktra movies, i dont anticipate liking either very much. Elecktra just doesnt seem to be an interesting enough character to have her own movie so soon.
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    Namor, is also known as 'The Sub-Mariner'. He was appealing enough to have gotten a Marvel Legends figure made out of him. The early news on the movie is that 'The Rock' will be playing him. Which is the only thing that scares me about the possibility of the Namor project. Here's a link to some character info and a picture.

    And I think it's wise they are doing a seperate Elektra movie. Since they have to deal with her death in Daredevil and her resurrection by 'The Hand'. Better to get that out of the way in her own spin-off movie. So they don't have to explain all of that in the Daredevil 2 movie. And Elektra's a very intresting character in the comics. And I liked te Daredevil movie a lot, so look forward to the two films. Hopefully they can bring in some of Daredevil's other rogue's gallery. Though he has a smaller group to draw from then most.

    Agreed totally on the Hulk though. I count that as the worst Marvel Movie. It was long, dull, boring, and tedious. More thought should have been put into the storyline, and less into all the artsy fartsy transitions and camera dealies. If they would have cut about 30 minutes of blabbing, rambling, and yapping out it might have been a good flick. Not to mention the bastardized Absorbing Man rip-off.

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    Saw this posted over on the horror board that I'm a member of. Finally news on the R-Rated Cut of Daredevil.
    Avi Arad had the latest Marvel company analyst webcast the other day, and here are the latest updates:

    - Daredevil: Director's Cut is coming to DVD in April of 2004.

    - Hulk 2 has been given a new writer, replacing James Schamus, who previously was attached to write the sequel and also wrote the first film. Arad did not mention who the new writer is.

    - In addition, a new Hulk TV series based on the movie may be on the way. No word on if he means live-action or animated.

    - Fox has officially bumped Fantastic Four back to Summer of 2005. Arad is saying that licensing/promotion for this film will be huge, rivaling Spider-Man's easily.

    - X-Men 3 is slated for a 2006 release, as is Hulk 2, Captain America, Namor, Nick Fury, and Iron Fist.

    Elektra, Ghost Rider, and Iron Man are targeted for 2005, with Iron Man being written by Smallville writers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.
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    I've been saved! Kind of glad I waited to pick up the Daredevil dvd. Now just hold off until April.
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    damn, i guess i'll have to pick up this version of DD to go with my other version. I didn't wait, i bought the one thats already out, so i guess i'll have both.
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