View Poll Results: Do you think Lord of the Rings will overtake Star Wars as the ultimate fantasy saga?

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  • Yes, because it is superior

    238 37.13%
  • Perhaps, but I don't see why

    18 2.81%
  • No, Star Wars will still rule

    211 32.92%
  • Don't care / they're apples & oranges

    174 27.15%
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    Do you think Lord of the Rings will overtake Star Wars as the ultimate fantasy saga?

    Apparently this has been some great debate going on in our forums.

    I've personally never seen any of the LOTR movies myself. I guess I haven't been in the mood, and yes, I've heard they're great.

    But I'm going to turn the discussion over to you guys with a poll to give you some numbers to talk about.

    I'd like to thank JediTricks for suggesting this topic.

    Go on and get into it!
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    Thanks for including an Apples/Oranges choice. Because it's really unfair to compare the two series. While both have their basis in mythology, they're two different beasts. One is a Space Fantasy, the other is Medieval Fantasy. So there really can be no comparison. It would be like comparing a Western and a Comedy.

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    I think it's hilarious that people diss SW when praising LOTR for being "so cool." Hey, like whatever the hell you want to like but just realize that if you somehow get your jollies by beatifying LOTR at the expense of SW, you really need to get a life.

    As for the poll question, I vote "Don't Care" because I can't imagine how we could even begin to define 'the ultimate' anything.

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    I took apples and oranges. They are along two seperate lines and yet somewhat similar. Both are ficticous worlds made up by two different individuals. LOTR set out to be a blockbuster movie, where as SW didnt. Lucas himself was suprised by the way people took to it.
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    "they're apples & oranges"

    I wasn't into the Lord of the Rings thing at first. I honestly had little desire to see the movies, having hung up my interest in wizards and rings a long time ago. (Mostly figuring that the films would never do the books justice, no matter how hard they tried.) I've really enjoyed them though and am looking forward to the third. I suppose, as it turns out, that I'll watch just about anything with Christopher Lee in it.

    I don't find myself needing to look at any of these stories in a competitive way ... seems like a weird waste of time to me. You know ... watch the movies, read the books, play the video games or whatever ... and be happy that you have as many choices for entertainment that you do.

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    Well, if you want to be completely technical and accurate about it, shouldn't it be "Do you think Star Wars will overtake Lord of the Rings as the ultimate fantasy saga?" After all, LOTR predates SW by several decades.

    BTW, I'm in the "apples and oranges" bunch myself. I think Caesar said it better than I can:
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    Apples and Oranges. One is based off a book. One was truly made 25 years ago. One is about reviving something that is dead. Both are about recreating and redifing things, including culture. 'nuff said.
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    Apples & Oranges baby. I do like LOTR, but I love SW. The 3rd and final movie looks very good from the pre-views, but SW will always be my bag baby.
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    A's & O's

    The original Star Wars trilogy blew me away as a kid & LOTR has has done the same as an adult.

    Star Wars will have 6 movies, at least 1 cartoon series, as well as countless Novels & Comic Books. Ultimate it sounds.

    LOTR seems a little more mature to me. Sure the basis of good vs. evil is the same, but the way the stories are told are very different.

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    make that 3 cartoon series and a Holiday special
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    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
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